Saturday, March 28, 2020

What happens if we work from home for 21 days?

In this current global pandemic situation, the technology market is facing an adverse situation. Every business in the market has seen a decline in its sales. As of now, due to the coronavirus effect, there is almost a 33% decrease in sales. We didn't expect this. On the other hand, the complementary services for these products increased by 20%. Let's take an example, mobile phone manufacturing companies have lost sales, whereas Internet service providers gained the most. 

Work From Home

To fight against coronavirus, maintain social distance by staying at home and break the spreading of the coronavirus chain. During self-quarantine, what else can we do? We can't just cook, read books, or bodybuilding throughout the day. Alexa became a product of our life. People fearing at home for losing their jobs are very less than people who are enjoying video streaming services like Netflix, Amazon prime gained a lot this week.

Work from home is now not a fashion, it's our routine. People are heading towards their laptops to do their work. Employees are connecting via Google meets, hangouts, using Skype, WhatsApp video call features to attend the meetings. Some companies have already announced a month's free salary with no work. So people are very much comforted with the new routine.

What happens if this continues for just 21 days? Physiologists say that it takes 21 days to make a habit. If you want to make reading a book as a habit then, read just for 21 days, it will be a habit. The same applies here. If you work 21 days from home it becomes a habit. You can't make it on the first day of the office. You need a lot of time to clear your mind. Your mind gets adopted to work at home. Employees get their salary and the company gets their service for 21 days. Employees get adjusted to it. They can't give up this habit.

What happens if one employee raises his voice and asks the employer that he will work from home? Don't others do the same? Should a company create new work from home software? The answer may be yes. In this tech world, you can earn thousands from home. New gadget?New software? Will people be able to adopt this? A new vision is set forth. Why can't anyone do this? A man said that his mother has learned to use her mobile in her free time. She started earning on youtube. If the same work from home continues then offices are going to shut and people will Work at home. Very few administrative works will be done by AI. People will be relaxed. A scientific study shows that two hours of office work can be done in an hour at home. Will these decrease the work hours of employees?

Leave that old, robots taking humans topic. In the current global pandemic situation, homes are taking those offices.

Will companies take a new step for this phenomenon or will it force their employees to work from the office? Sales online, games online will it be the face of working?

Suppose if a company provides their software and pay WiFi charge for its employees, Aren't there any chances that these employees will work for any other competing company? How can this be solved? Will a new software to stop this fraud be raised or Any new gadget be invented? Can this help cyber attackers? Yes, it does. Data won't be safe. Can any other preventive measures be raised? Who knows? If all these problems are solved a new question arises. Will these employees work efficiently? New technology should answer these questions.