Monday, April 6, 2020

Face recognition roll out and smart newspaper test out in 2021

Technology is growing day by day. If you are adjusted to today then you are outdated tomorrow, this is the trend in the technology field. In the last century computers, mobiles were miracles, but today it's our part. Even a person with no eyes will be happier than a person without mobiles today. Charles Darwin in the theory of survival said that the person who is adaptive to change is the one who survives. This worked out today. New, innovative, creative inventions are invented every day.

5G is out and you can have access to it next year. In every field, technology is used as a tool to develop the results. From smartphones to smart heaters, from wire to wireless everything has changed. The transportation industry is using mobile apps to improve sales. These tollgate guys are using the fast tag to make it fast. VISA is using the swipe and pay option to reduce the queue line. Payments became online, sales became online and what can we expect next?

Face recognition

Face recognition means digital beings recognizing our faces. You already know that this feature is on your mobile right? (Not in all mobiles). But face recognition means not this one. It's like a mobile thing but more advanced. This is the testing stage and you can expect this feature to roll out at the beginning of 2021.

How can this feature help us? Are you always tired of showing your ID Card to the timekeeper or Are you tired of checking in those biometric machines? This helps out here. You can just walk into your office without those nuisance. Only this? Na Na. Still more, you can have advanced security to your digital world. Fingerprints may go and face check may come in 2021. You can just go to the store and get all the stuff you need without paying, the amount will be deducted by your bank after recognizing your face with bankers data.

Smart newspaper

Harry Potter, a well-known name to us. If you are a Harry Potter fan, you must have watched the Harry Potter prisoner of Azkaban. In the movie, you can see characters, text, pictures rolling out in the newspaper. In the Harry Potter world, it's fantasy and in the real world, it's a smart newspaper. Yes, you heard right, a smart newspaper.

It's different from the e-newspaper. If you read a newspaper on an electronic gadget like laptops and mobile, then it's an e-newspaper and if the newspaper itself is a gadget, then it is a smart newspaper. What's the advantage of it? You can gain a lot. You can get updated news within a short span. You can get a video played in a smart newspaper unlike pictures in traditional newspapers. It gives a lot of comfort to your eyes which reduces the chance of myopia. You can check your favorite news easily. The main advantage is it's eco-friendly. You can save a lot of paper and can control global warming because of it. You can even hear the news from it. We can expect this feature to be tested at the end of 2021. The main question is whether it's online or offline?