Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Top 10 best video tutorials to learn Facebook Marketing

What comes to your mind when someone asks you, which is the most popular social network platform around the world? Obviously, Facebook right? Almost every individual has a Facebook account on Earth and you'll rarely find people who don't have a Facebook account. On average, there are 2.2 billion monthly active users and each person spends around 34 minutes on Facebook.

These numbers and results are driving crazy for the marketers and they are finding this platform as one of the great places to show their ads to the customers and increase their sales. Below are the top 10 video tutorials to learn Facebook Marketing:

Top 10 Facebook Marketing video tutorials
Top 10 Facebook Marketing video tutorials 

Facebook Advertising Tutorials | Facebook for Business

This video tutorial is presented by official Facebook and you will learn how to create ads and market them on Facebook, and also, you will also learn overview of Facebook Pages and Ads, experiment with ad targeting to reach the right audience, see how conversion tracking can help measure the impact of your Facebook Ads, and hear best practices from Facebook for Business. You can also register official course and certification here.

Facebook Ads & Facebook Marketing MASTERY | Coursenvy ™

This is a great place to get started with Facebook marketing and this is the popular video tutorial on the internet. The instructor has organized the video tutorial really well and he starts explaining the concepts from the very basics with in-depth real-world examples and then moves on to the advanced marketing techniques and tips. You will learn how to use and optimize every type of Facebook campaign, Facebook custom audience, Facebook pixel etc, and helps to improve the sales. If you're looking to learn how to take your brand, product, service, or public figure to the next level in Facebook marketing then this is the best video tutorial for you. 

If you're looking for the crash course, then this is a great place to started with Facebook marketing.  In this tutorial, the instructor walks you through step by step on how to master Facebook advertisements for your Facebook fan page and how you can start to generate sales.

The Complete Facebook Ads & Marketing Course

This is another best video tutorial to learn about Facebook Ads, the instructor guides you from beginning to reach the advanced level of Facebook Ads. This video tutorial helps you to enhance your marketing and technical skills and helps to improve your business sales using Facebook Ads. It is a great video tutorial and its worth every penny.

In this video tutorial, the instructor will show how to create Facebook ads in 2019 and walks you through the Facebook marketing to shift you from Beginner to Expert level while demonstrating you how to overcome the competition with ad strategies 

The Complete Facebook Ads Course - Beginner to Advanced

If you looking to master Facebook Advertising and thinking of growing your business using Facebook Marketing Strategy, Facebook Ad Retargeting or Remarketing etc,. Then this video tutorial is the best suitable for you. Though the interface which you see in this video tutorial is outdated, the concepts remain the same.  The instructor keeps the video tutorial very interesting and informative and explains the concepts clear and gives some great examples to experiment with. Overall, this video tutorial helps you to enhance your skills in Facebook marketing.

Facebook Ads for E-Commerce: The Complete Guide

This is one of the best Facebook marketing and e-commerce video tutorial. In this tutorial, the instructor begins the tutorial by giving an introduction to Facebook Ads, the importance of Facebook marketing especially for small and medium business, then explains how to set up a facebook page and walks you through the Facebook business manager and ads account, setting up payments, budget limits, best practices. And finally, demonstrates with real-time examples of how to create an ad on Facebook. The instructor then moves on the advanced concepts such as Audience Insights Tool, how to research your competitors, how to create a facebook pixel and update on the website etc,. and much more.

Facebook Marketing - Build Facebook Messenger Chatbots

If you're looking for the designing, developing and optimizing the Facebook Messager Chatbots, then this the best place to get started with it. Here the instructor walks you through the how-to create facebook messenger ad campaigns and connect them to the MobileMonkey Chatbot. I recommend this video tutorial for anyone who is considering using Facebook Messenger as a marketing tool.

If you're serious about learning Facebook ads then this is a great place to started with Facebook marketing and helps you to learn everything you need to know to go from complete beginner to advanced level. This video tutorial covers Facebook Custom audiences, how to install Facebook pixel, how to create Lookalike audiences, how to strategize an advertise, what actually sells and gives you a massive kickstart to get things with all of your Facebook marketing needs!

From every video tutorial, you will learn something new, so I believe that the more you explore, the more you learn

Happy Learning:)