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Top 10 Best Raspberry Pi Video Tutorials | Learn Raspberry Step by Step

Are you looking for developing your own cool gadgets that work similar to the Drones or Google Chromecast or Amazon Echo or any other gadget as per your needs? then Raspberry Pi is the best option for you, but what exactly is Raspberry Pi?Raspberry Pi is considered as a Debit/Credit card sized mini-computer which can replace the existing computers in low computing environments. The manufacturers of raspberry pi have developed it to help kids to learn programming and also help the poor students access to a computer at a low price. But the techie's found it as most useful and started making projects such as the Drones, Slice and much more.

Why Raspberry Pi?
  • It can replace a regular desktop computer for light & medium-duty tasks
  • It is available in the market at a very low price
  • Easy to learn and understand
  • Large community support
  • Low power consumption and less space

There are many tutorials online to learn Raspberry Pi but below are top 10 best video tutorial to learn Raspberry Pi.

Top 10 Best Raspberry Pi Video Tutorials
Top 10 Best Raspberry Pi Video Tutorials

Tech Explorations™ Raspberry Pi: Bench computer

This video tutorial is a popular video tutorial on the internet and best place to start your projects with Raspberry Pi. This video tutorial gives you a good introduction to Raspberry Pi and Python and the instructor provides explains the concepts clearly and concisely. The video tutorial provides great content with practical examples and various capabilities and functionalities of Raspberry Pi. In this video tutorial, you will learn about the Raspberry Pi 7-inch touchscreen, Raspberry Pi Camera v2, GPIO board breakout and then the instructor covers how to build the applications using the Python 3 and the Tkinter framework. Also, the instructor shows you how to take control of fans and mains appliances etc,. On top of everything, the instructor demonstrates or share helpful tips and tricks that come handy for optimizing your setup. This video tutorial is ideal for the beginners.

This video tutorial is another popular video tutorial by the Dr. Peter Dalmaris. In this tutorial, you will learn how to turn on and off through GPIO and take input from a hardware button then reading the temperature and humidity using DHT11/DHT22. Then displaying the sensor data available to the users on the website. You will be using the python programming, jQuery, and HTML5, the application server, web server, database server etc. This video tutorial is structured in such a way that even the regular user who doesn't have any knowledge of programming language will be able to understand the concepts. This video tutorial is best suitable for the beginners. 

This video tutorial covers required knowledge to get started with Raspberry Pi. This video tutorial is divided into the 4 modules and each section helps to understand the new concepts about Raspberry Pi. In the first module, the instructor explains about the basic functionality the Raspberry Pi B+ board and he also explains how to configure, setup, and use it as per our requirement, the instructor explains differences between the Raspberry Pi and Arduino. In the second module, the instructor walks you through how to use Linux, because Raspberry Pi uses Linux based operating system. In the third module, the instructor introduces Python programming. In the fourth module, you will learn how to communicate with devices through the pins of the Raspberry Pi. This tutorial is best suitable for the beginners.

Raspberry Pi Tutorials

This tutorial is a popular video tutorial on YouTube and in this tutorial series, the instructor covers the Raspberry Pi single board computer system. This series of tutorials helps you to understand what is  Raspberry Pi and how to install the OS and how to make partitions and formatting, how to install the Minecraft Pi and how to install the web servers(Ngnix, PHP, Perl) and how to install the static IP address, working with LED's and GPIO's etc,.

Raspberry Pi for the Beginners

The tutorial gives you a basic introduction to the Raspberry Pi for the beginners where the instructor explains how to install the Operating system and controlling the devices with Raspberry Pi then you will learn how to basics Linux commands, Python Programming basics etc,. This tutorial is absolutely suitable for complete beginners.

Raspberry Pi Tutorials

This is another popular video tutorial on the YouTube and you will learn about headless setup meaning that you don't need any mouse, monitor, and keyboard and how to set up the Raspberry Pi with remote access. In order to get started with this tutorial, you need a Raspberry Pi, memory card, adaptor, Micro USB power supply, RJ445 ethernet cable then you will learn about file sharing, Headless wifi Setup, Connecting RPi over the internet, then the instructor also covers security features using SSH setup. how to change SSH port to enhance security, how to change the password etc,. The instructor also covers topics such as how to take pictures, videos and detect motion using the camera, GPIO, socket communications and much more.

Raspberry Pi with Linux LESSONS

Here, the Paul, the instructor of the video tutorial helps to understand how to set up and run the Raspberry Pi. Initially, at the beginning of this video tutorial, the instructor focus on Linux commands. Once you become the master of the Linux commands, the instructor introduces how to GUI interface.

Raspberry Pi for Developers

This tutorial is primarily focused for the developers. This video tutorial covers the basics concepts of Raspberry Pi which helps you to get up and running with the Raspberry Pi. It helps to learn how to set up Raspberry Pi as a web server using Ngnix Nodejs and Python. This tutorial is not suitable for beginners.

Raspberry Pi and Python Tutorials

This video tutorial is a popular video tutorial on YouTube by Sentdex.  In this video tutorial, the instructor answers the questions such as what can I do with this Raspberry Pi and how to install the Raspbian OS, how we can remotely access our Raspberry Pi, both with SSH and with a remote desktop client? how to use the terminal and getting familiar with the Raspberry Pi Camera module, what are GPIO pins and how they are used with LED lights to turn on and off.

Raspberry Pi Projects : Build a Media Centre Computer

If you're looking for project-based learning then you can refer to this video tutorial. In this tutorial, you will learn how to stream your media across a network and play locally stored content on different devices, how to handle Handle TV shows, movies, photos, and music. The project is similar to the ROKU streaming device or Google Chromecast.

From every video tutorial, you will learn something new, so I believe that the more you explore, the more you learn

Happy Learning :)