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Top 10 Best React Native Video Tutorials | Learn React Native Step by Step

React Native was created by Facebook and basically, it is a framework that helps to build robust iOS and Android mobile apps using Javascript and React Library. You don't need any knowledge of programming languages such as Java, Kotlin, Objective C/Swift, Android etc,. Having knowledge of Javascript is good enough for the developing the mobile apps. The best thing about React Native is that you don't need to write the code separately for Android and iOS separately because the code is written in javascript so the code written in Android app can also be reused for developing iOS app.

Who is using the React Native?
Facebook, Instagram, AirBnB, Soundcloud, Pulse, Skype and many other global companies

Before learning React Native, you need have knowledge of Javascript and React JS. Please check out the best video tutorials for JavaScript and React JS to master it.

There are many resources to learn React Native but below video tutorials can help to learn and master in React Native programming.

Best React Native Video Tutorials
Top 10 Best React Native Video Tutorials 

The Complete React Native and Redux Course

This video tutorial is a popular video tutorial on the internet to get started with React Native. The instructor walks you through all the required concepts of the React Native and Redux. The instructor explains the concepts clearly and repeats the concepts again and again so that the students to get confident in all concepts. The instructor begins with explaining the setting up the environment for coding the React Native on Windows, Linux, and OSx and then instructor walks you through how to install ESLint in Atom, Sublime and VSCode then you will learn how to use React's custom markup language, JSX and then you will learn difference between “props" and “state" and also you will see the how to use and when to use them in your projects. Also, you will understand both Android and iOS platforms and how to build unique, responsive apps etc,. then how to authenticate users using firebase and finally, you'll be developing a project. I highly recommend this course for beginners

React Native Fundamentals

In this video tutorial, you will learn concepts of React Native for building the mobile apps using only JavaScript. The instructor walks you through how to setup iOS routing with react native, how to use state and touch events, then learn how to use Fetch API, how to use fetch to load external data, pass data when changing routes, error handling and activityindicatorIOS, how to use images, native UI component, Github Repositories, working with RESTFul API and much more. This tutorial is best suitable for beginners.

React Native - The Practical Guide

The video tutorial helps to learn and develop the mobile app practically and in this video tutorial, the instructor covers fundamental concepts of React Native and the instructor explains how to use React, JavaScript, and native components, then you will learn about the navigation in React Native apps then how to apply styling and animations. The best thing about this tutorials, you will also learn about how to use third-party libraries, also how to use maps or an image picker with practical examples. Then you will learn how to authenticate a user and working with backend server from your app then debugging and testing and much more. 

React Native: Advanced Concepts

This video tutorial is another tutorial from a popular instructor(Stephen Grider) of The Complete React Native and Redux Course. Here in this video tutorial, you will learn about the advanced concepts of the React Native such as animations, maps, notifications, navigation and much more. The best thing about this tutorial, you will learn how to develop the applications by building the three projects namely Build a Tinder-like Swipe Deck, Dive into the backend with One Time Password authentication, Your own Job-Search app.  Tinder for jobs! etc,. Each project helps to reveal the concepts of React Native and also helps you to get confident in React Native development. I highly recommend this course for all the proficiency levels. 

Build Cross Platform React Native Apps with Exponent and Redux

Here, you will learn how to build the React Native apps that work on cross platforms. In the video tutorial, you will learn how to develop the applications using Exponent and Redux. The instructor starts with explaining why do we use React Native and react native and react overview then demonstrates how to configure atom with ESLint. Then the instructor explains about what is exponent and how it is used, how to create a Todo project and its folder structure with features such as adding, editing and deleting the item from the Todo list. Then you will learn about the platform targeting? what is a full-blown project, how to apply swipe-in and swipe out effects? Finally, you will learn about state management with redux.

React Native Crash Course

Brad Traversy is very popular over the internet who has the great knowledge of various technologies. This video tutorial gives you a basic introduction to React Native. In this tutorial, the instructor walks you through what is React Native and why it is used? what are Components, what is State & Props, how to use View & Text, how to apply StyleSheet, how to work with Touchable Elements, how to use ListView and Navigator, Buttons, Events? After finishing this video, I recommend through the 

React Native Redux Tutorial with Expo

This tutorial is presented the Barry Michael Doyle and in this tutorial, he walks through how to develop a Capo Keys App from the scratch. The instructor begins the tutorial explaining introduction to Capo Keys App and then walks you through the different concepts of the React Native. He explains how to set up stores and reducers, React Navigation and main screen, image components and image caching, what are reducers and actions, how to connect the component to App state. Then setting up Facebook ads and make money with mobile apps. Finally, you will learn packing and how to deploy the app in the Play store. 

React Native tutorial v0.49

This tutorial is presented by the Nguyen Duc Hoang and all the content is available on YouTube. Though the accent may bother you a little bit and all the content provided is rich and informative. This video tutorial helps to create the React Native app and then how to use expo for Actual ios/android devices to scan QR code, then run the app. The tutorial is best suitable for the beginners.

Project based React Native tutorials

This video tutorial is a project-based learning tutorial where you will learn the React Native by developing the app. In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a game for both iPhone and Andriod. The tutorial helps to boost your confidence in building the React Native projects faster. 

React Native School

React Native School is presented by  Swizec Teller(a geek with a hat). In this tutorial, you will learn about React Native and the instructor keeps posting videos for every two weeks. The instructor starts with the very basics such as how to run the react-native app, how to test and debug etc. In this tutorial, you will be building 24 apps that help to learn in and out of React Native. After going through this tutorial, you'll become professional React Native developer quickly.

If you're looking for the best book then I recommend going for Mastering React Native.

From every video tutorial, you will learn something new, so I believe that the more you explore, the more you learn

Happy Learning :)