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Top 10 Best Flask video tutorials | Learn Flask Step by Step

Flask is a popular web microframework written in Python with very minimal options. Though flask is a microframework which is a tiny module, you will be able to develop medium level web applications with cool stuff in it. Flask is easy to learn because you don't follow the MVC, and you can use the external extensions as well such as Flask-SQLAIchemy, it uses Jinja2 template which renders faster than Django templates.

What is Microframework?
Microframeworks are contrasted(minimized) with full stack development capabilities but the features can be extendable by writing the code on based on the requirement.

Before going through Flask framework, I recommend going through the Python programming. You can check out the below:

There are many video tutorial to learn Flask but below video tutorial helps to become master in Flask. 
Top 10 Best Flask video tutorials
Top 10 Best Flask video tutorials

REST APIs with Flask and Python

The tutorial is a popular video tutorial on the internet to learn Flask. In this tutorial, the instructor explains the Flask clearly and in an easy to understand style. The instructor covers all the required concepts to master in the Flask Framework and he starts with explaining the basic concepts of the Python such as how to declare variables, methods, lists, tuples, and set operations Loops, Conditional statements, Objects, Classes, Inheritance, Decorators and etc,. Once the basics are done, the instructor explains how to install flask framework and start the journey of developing REST API using Flask Framework. During this journey, you will learn how to store the data in the database and retrieve the data from the database with Flask-SQLAlchemy. Then later you will learn how to use Git and how to deploy the application on Heroku and on your own servers. Finally providing the security to the REST API with authentication. The tutorial is best suitable for the beginners who are new to Flask framework.

The Flask Mega-Tutorial

Miguel Grinberg is a very popular instructor for Flask framework. On YouTube, you can find many tutorials related to the Flash framework. In his official Flask mega tutorial, he covers everything from the beginning to advanced concepts in Flask. You can watch the demo on the official website if you like it, you can enroll for the full course.

The Build a SAAS App with Flask Course

This is another popular and best video tutorial to learn Python, Flask, and Docker in one place. In this tutorial, the instructor develops the web app using Flask Framework that can be customizable as per your requirement. The best thing about this video tutorial, you will learn how to accept the payment for the web app using Stripe. The instructor has done great research and put the required information in detail and in-depth which will be useful for developing the complete project. Trust me, you will love this tutorial and learn most of it. The instructor covers the following concepts such what is Flask and how to use Flask, how to use PostgreSQL, Redis, and Celery with Flask, how to create a user management system,  custom admin interface, how to deal with error handling and database migrations etc,. I bet you won't regret going through the video tutorial.

Practical Flask Web Development Tutorials

This video tutorial is a popular video tutorial on YouTube by Sentdex. In this video tutorial, the instructor walks through the quick introduction to Flask Framework and then explains how to setup of a very basic website, installing the Bootstrap and the Jinja2 templates, working on the Homepage, creating a dynamic dashboard, content management, error handling, message flashing, working with GET and POST requests, how to work with databases, user registration, login features, password hashing and much more. I recommend going through this video tutorial without a miss. 

Professional Python Web Development Using Flask

In this tutorial, the instructor walks you through the step by step procedure of developing the real-time project using the Flask Framework. The instructor first covers the basics of Python and how to interact with the database and then introduces the Flask Framework. The instructor shows how to use MVC pattern and decorators, then how to run Flask app in the Docker. Here, the real-time project is developed in the cloud9 environment and then deploying on the server. You don't any prior knowledge to watch this tutorial. 

Flask Web Development with Python Tutorials

Thenewbuston offers wide range videos for the free on YouTube where you can find video tutorials on different programming languages such as C programmingC++JavaScriptJava,  Ajax, PHPJQuery etc. It has published 7 videos to learn Flask framework for free. The video collection covers all the concepts required to master in Flask framework. You can watch those videos on YouTube.

Python Flask for Beginners

This tutorial is completely for the beginners who are looking to get started with Flask Framework. It covers basic stuff such as how to create the web apps using Flask, working with a database, how to use Jinja2 Templates, how to create and use HTML forms with your Flask app etc,.

Python Flask From Scratch

Brad Traversy is very popular instructor over the internet who has great knowledge of various web technologies. This video tutorial helps you to understand how to develop the real world project using Flask Framework. In this tutorial, the instructor walks you through the quick introduction of what Flask is and how to create a user registration feature, login feature, creating the dashboard for publishing articles and then edit and delete those articles.

Introduction to the Flask Microframework

This tutorial will help you to learn how you can develop the applications using the Flask Framework. The instructor helps you to learn what MVC is and how to use templates and views. how to use models with SQLAIchemy, how to create user authentication forms. then creating a bookmark project where you can edit, delete the bookmarks etc,. This tutorial is not suitable for beginners, you need to have prior experience of Python before going through this tutorial.

Discover Flask

In this video tutorial, the instructor starts with the brief introduction to Flask and shows how to set up a static site, then covers how to create user registration and login systems, how to use templates, databases, how to perform the unit tests, working SQLAIchemy, then shows how to deploy it on Heroku, configuration, secret key, managing the database migrations, password hashing, testing user login and logout, message flashing, Flask testing and continuous integration etc,.

You can also go through the Flask Tutorial.

From every video tutorial, you will learn something new, so I believe that the more you explore, the more you learn

Keep Learning :)