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Top 10 video tutorials to learn Display Advertising | Best Display advertising tutorials

In the recent years, the internet is evolved in such a way that we can't imagine our world without it. It is an inseparable part of our life. Every device either it may be Mobile or an ATM's are interconnected to the internet. Billions of the people are using internet services for various reasons such as seeking information or for watching movies, listening songs, checking an email etc,.This has opened the doors for a huge marketplace in the advertising industry. The ad industry landscape is very large and it is very difficult understanding the whole workflow.

If you are new to online advertising or if you have been associated with any one of the teams in the online advertising then it might be difficult to understand Digital Landscape. You might have googled and ended up with nothing. Below are Top 10 video tutorials to learn digital advertising eco-system quickly:

How The Online Advertising Industry Works

You must go through this video tutorial without missing because this video tutorial is one stop solution to learn and understand the digital landscape. This video tutorial gives an overview of digital advertising Ecosystem, how buying and selling of ads works based on pricing models such as CPM, CPC, CPA, how ads are targeted based on the interests, geo locations, browser, device, IP Address, How an ad actually served to a user based on past history, What do advertisers look for and what are their performance measuring goals. This video tutorial is best suitable for the beginners who are new digital marking.

The Evolution of Online Display Advertising

This video has great content about Evolution of online advertising by Iabuk which lasts for less 5 mins. This video answers many questions such as How Ad Networks are emerged? and what are the disadvantages of the Ad Networks?. How Ad Exchanges overcome the limitation of the Ad Networks and how each ad tech companies(DSP's, SSP, Ad networks, ATD) are interconnected with each other.

Online Ads 101: The history of online ads

This video has useful content about the history of online advertising. The video begins with history of advertising, how the advertising is in today's world. This video is made by Online Ads Edu. This channel helps the enthusiasts to learn about online advertising.

200ms: The Life of a Programmatic RTB Ad Impression

This is great video by MediaCrossing which gives you the complete understanding of RTB and how it works within 200ms. The video in the background is awesome

Real-Time Bidding 101

This video is made by Acuity presented by Marco Muzzi, he has a great understanding of Ad Industry and you find answers to the questions like what is real-time bidding? How does real-time bidding work? What are the benefits for digital marketers?

How an Ad is Served with Real-Time Bidding (RTB) - IAB Digital Simplified

This video is made by IAB - Interactive Advertising Bureau. This video gives you an overview of how ads served to the users and how exactly each party involved are clearly mentioned in the video.

Intro to Programmatic Advertising - Part 1

This video is made by Meteora. Here in this video, the presenter gives an overview of ad technology by taking a live example of Nike brand and he also relates each parties responsibilities. The presenter has presented with video by using Photoshop tool.

Intro to Programmatic Advertising - Part 2

This video is made by Meteora. In this video, the presenter takes you to in-depth of how exactly DSP's bids on the potential customer. The presenter has more emphasized on DSP functionality.

Real-Time Bidding (RTB) Basics

This video is made by Donart Nummer. In this video, Donart explains how RTB works with a simple explanation. This video great content easy to understand and video length is 9 mins.

Display Advertising Basics (DSPs, RTB, Ad Exchanges, DMPs)

This video is presented by Pete Kluge. This is part 1 of the video series on Display Advertising Basics (DSPs, RTB, Ad Exchanges, DMP's). Pete Kluge clearly explains about basics of the online advertising or display advertising and how each party involved in the bidding. The length of the video is 16 mins.

Display Advertising Basics P2 (RTB, DSP, Programmatic, Private Exchanges, PMP)

This video is presented by Pete Kluge. This is part 2 of the video series on Display Advertising Basics P2 (RTB, DSP, Programmatic, Private Exchanges, PMP). Pete Kluge explains about scenarios by considering premium inventory sold to Private Marketing Platform and Private exchanges via Programmatic guaranteed direct buys.

Bonus: You can also watch some more at MediaMath Training videos. Don't miss to watch the video on RTB.

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Happy Learning :)