Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Top 10 Best Google Analytics video tutorials | Learn Google Analytics step by step

Google Analytics is a powerful tool which provides in-depth insights of the website traffic and also helps make the decisions based on the data. Also, Google Analytics helps to measure the performance of the marketing goals. There are many web analytics platform such as Piwik,, KISSMetrics, Clicky, Woopra etc,. but Google Analytics remains on the top.  The major advantages of using Google Analytics are:
  • It is free of cost
  • Demographic insights like age, sex, locations etc,.
  • In-depth insights on website Traffic sources such as devices used, type of operating system and type of browser
  • Visitor segmentation such as segregating the website based on the categories(pages) of your website 
  • Measure the performance of the marketing campaigns
  • Real-time metrics and many more
Below are the best collection of Google Analytics where you can learn and master in the Google Analytics. Let's take a look at the Top 10 Google Analytics video tutorials.
Top 10 Google Analytics video tutorials
Top 10 Google Analytics video tutorials

Analytics Academy Courses

To help the users to understand how the Google Analytics works and how they can use it for their website, Google Academy has provided the free video tutorials to get familiar with Google Analytics.
You can watch these videos on YouTube or on Google Analytics Official Website

Google Analytics Essential Training

Google Analytics Essential Training is one of the best and popular video tutorials on the web. This video tutorial walks you through the how to create a Google Analytics account, then explains how to analyze the data and track the performance of KPI goals by setting the goals. This video tutorial touches all the required features available in the Google Analytics. This video tutorial is completely for the Google Analytics Aspirants who are new to the Google Analytics. It is worth to go through this course without any hesitation.

Advanced Google Analytics

This video tutorial starts from where Google Analytics Essential Training leaves usThis is not a beginners course, before going through this video tutorials I would recommend checking the Google Analytics Essential Training. In this video tutorials, the instructor shows you how to set up the multiple users, structure properties and views, configure the back-end of Google Analytics with an example of Wordpress CMS and helps you to understand how to apply the customized filters. He also covers troubleshooting techniques that help to fix the issues in Google Analytics. This video tutorial is best suitable for Google Analytics aspirants who have little experience with Google Analytics.

Google Analytics Tips

If you have already experience with Google Analytics, then you should check out this Google Analytics Tutorial because you will learn Tips and tricks to unlock insights Google Analytics to optimize your website for traffic and conversions. This video tutorial helps to answer the common questions about online marketing and web Analytics including attribution models, segmentation, multi-channel funnels, reporting, custom filters. If you are serious about your Google Analytics then you must have to check out this video tutorial.

Google Analytics: Double Your Sales With No Extra Cost

This video tutorial is best suitable for complete beginners and very intuitive. This video best suitable for those who own a business but not using the Google Analytics. This video tutorial helps to find the best ways to use Google Analytics to get your website traffic and how to increase the conversions for your business and also understand h how the website is performing. I would recommend this course without a miss for the Google Analytics who wants to double their sales.

Google Analytics Training

Get Ready to learn how Google Analytics a powerful tool used to make data-driven decisions and to measure web traffic and track the performance of the marketing goals. You will be able to understand the fundamental principles of Google Analytics. This video tutorial is most suitable for the Google Analytics aspirants and who are new Google Analytics.

Google Analytics: Take a Data-Driven Approach to Growth

This video tutorial is one of the popular video tutorials on Google Analytics. In this video tutorial, the instructor walks you through how to set up the goals for the business and how to take actions based on the data. This video tutorial helps to answer the Strategic questions such as what is the Key Performance Indicator for your campaigns, where to focus on your marketing efforts, how to attract and get new visitors to your websites. The examples provided in this video tutorial helps to understand difficult topics. This video tutorial will help your business grow with Google Analytics. This video tutorial

Google Analytics for Android

Google Analytics is not only useful for the Desktop applications and it is also useful for the Mobile Applications. This video tutorial will focus more Android-based mobile applications. This video tutorial helps you to understand how to add the code in the Android mobile app to send the data to Google Analytics and how to use the Google Tag Manager. This video tutorial is best suitable for the Android Developers. This video tutorial is available for free.

Getting Started with Google Analytics

Though the video tutorial is outdated, I have added this video tutorial in the top 10 list because this video tutorial provides underlying concepts required for learning Google Analytics. Google Analytics interface has changed quite a lot since after this video tutorial is out but you will be still able to apply the principles. The best thing is this video tutorial is available for free online and best suitable for complete beginners. 

Google Analytics Certification Exam: Get Certified in 2 Days

This video tutorial provides good insights on what sections are needed to revise a day before taking the Google analytics certification exam. This video tutorial also includes 540 practice questions which helps to get confident and write the exam leaving your fears. It provides tips and tricks to crack the google analytic certification exam. I would recommend this video tutorial if your preparing for the google analytics certification Exam.

Happy Learning :)