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Top 10 Best MEAN Stack video tutorials | Learn MEAN step by step

MEAN(MongoDB, Express, Angular, Node) is a stack-based JavaScript framework used for developing the dynamic web applications. MEAN stack encompasses both front-end and back-end web development. It is usually considered as an alternative to MERN stack development.

Before MEAN Stack evolved, programmers/developers used to build the web applications using the XAMP/LAMP stack and later they have switched MEAN because it is easy to learn, performance benefits, developing/writing the code in JavaScript both on the server side and Client-side and large support of JSON.
  • MongoDB - Database layer
  • Express - Web Framework 
  • AngularJS- front end (User Interface)
  • Node.js - web server logic

MEAN Stack development
MEAN Stack 

There are many resources to learn MEAN Stack but are few of them, which helps to get familiar with MEAN Stack. Below are top 10 video tutorials to learn MEAN Stack:
Top 10 Best MEAN Stack video tutorials
Top 10 Best MEAN Stack video tutorials
Before getting into the world MEAN stack, you need have knowledge of JavaScript.
Maximilian Schwarzmüller is a popular instructor for the JavaScript Frameworks such as React, Vue and Angular etc,. Here, Max walks you through the concepts of Angular, how to work Node JS and Express and use MongoDB as the query language to store the data in the database. The instructor starts explaining the what is Angular and What is Node? how they work together? You will be learning the concepts of Node, Angular, MongoDB, and Express right from the basics.  This tutorial shows how to develop a complete web app with a simple REST API.This tutorial gives the full-stack overview and covers all concepts very clearly from both the front-end and the back-end separately.  I would recommend going through this course without a miss. This video tutorial best suitable for the beginners to intermediate proficiency level. Note: Please make sure that before taking this course you need have knowledge of ES6 + Typescript.

MEAN Stack Front To Back

This is the best video course by Brad Traversy where you will learn how to build the applications of the NodeJS in the real time. Brad has very great knowledge of using different web technologies such Node, Angular, React, PHP and meteor etc,. Brad shows you how to develop and deploy the simple app on the Heroku. By the end of video course, you will be able to create your own websites and apps.

Learn and understand NodeJs

This video course is presented by the Antony Alicea, he has in-depth knowledge of Javascript. Watching this videos, Antony will explain the things from the root to top of the tree, so that listeners understand root cause behind each and every concept. After discussing the basics of Node JS then the instructor move on the MEAN stack development. This is very popular video course on the web, I recommend going through this video series before going through any other course. I bet you won't regret taking this video tutorial.


Shristi has well organized and presented the video series in an excellent way.  Here, in this video series, she challenges openly that you will be able to learn and master in MEAN stack in just 30days after going through her video serious. She walks you developing the application step by step. She uses Bootstrap, Yeomen and how to deploy on Heroku. It is worth to watch this video series.

The video series gives a quick introduction to MEAN and how it helps to develop the web applications quickly. The instructor starts explaining with the installation such as git, node, setting up the files such as package.json with dependencies, installing bower, creating a new application and deploying on Heroku. The instructor also walks you through developing the User interface such as login and then uses MongoDB to store the data, how to authenticate a user and provide the security features to the website. Testing the developed applications. Applying for the Angular for refactoring the code and also uses the functions such filtering, sorting, caching the data, etc,. This video tutorial is best suitable the people who have new MEAN and should have knowledge of Node JS.

MEAN Stack for Web Developers Build Website on Javascript

This video course is presented by Vishal Kumar, in this course, he walks you through the MEAN Stack and how also shows you will build MEAN stack with Yeoman faster, create a post and deploying it on the server. This tutorial is available for free and I recommend to take advantage of it.

The complete JavaScript developer: MEAN stack zero-to-hero

This video tutorial is useful to learn MEAN stack development. The instructor explains concepts clearly and easy to understand style. The instructor explains how to set up a web-server using Node.js and Express, then you will also learn about what Git, MongoDB, then explain how we can develop a RestFull API with the help of Node, Express, and MongoDB.  At the end of the video tutorials, the instructor walks you through Angular and how to use it for building the Single Page Application. I would highly recommend this video tutorial for those students who are looking to learn MEAN stack development.

Building a MEAN Application Course

this video tutorial gives a comprehensive overview of the MEAN stack Development. Here, you will learn and develop a to-do application using MongoDB, Express, Angular, Node. The instructor uses the Angular as a Front-end and Node, Express as a Backend. MongoDB for the storing the data. This tutorial is straight to the point explain things in the better way to build applications effectively.

MEAN Stack and MongoDB Development Techniques

The instructor Alexander walks you through creating a discussion board using MEAN stack. The instructor uses generators to lectures as simple as possible, and he also demonstrates how to create a Git repository.  The instructor develops the features such as login mechanism, how to create an interface to users to submit a post and replies, how to authenticate the registers users, how to store the data in the database using MongoDB and retrieve the data. You will learn how to display the messages, how to create an Angular post, how to create a registration form etc,. This video tutorial is best suitable for the intermediate the users.

MEAN Stack Tutorials (MongoDB, Express, Angular, Node)

This video series is presented by and it touches very basic concepts of Angular, Express and how to use routing, How to send emails using NodeJS and Express using Sendgrid, How to work with MongoDB using Mongoose. Then shows how to display the web application on the DigitalOcean.

Also, check out this video tutorial MEAN Stack RESTful API Tutorial
From every video tutorial, you will learn something new, so I believe that the more you explore, the more you learn