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Top 10 best Vue JS video tutorials | Learn Vue JS step by step

There are many front-end frameworks such as Angular, Ember, backbone, React, knockout, Riot etc,. Out of these frameworks with which framework should I use in my project? I think you might have already hard this answer. It depends. All these frameworks help to reduce the complexity of writing thousands of lines and providing the better performance. These frameworks are good in their own way. We can't compare them.

Angular and Ember provide a fully-featured framework but you may don't need all the features to develop the applications and it is very complex to learn and adapt to the existing projects.

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React is another popular library developed by Facebook which works only on View layer and it has many complex to use it. If you're looking for an alternative framework which is easy to learn and adapt to your project then the Vue JS is a better option for you. The best thing about the Vue JS is you can add the features progressively.

Vue JS is a lightweight framework that is used to develop/build the user interfaces. It helps to build the lightening apps without any complexity. The file size of the Vue JS is 16kb(minified). It is faster than Angular vs React at runtime. Vue Js is UI framework which works on the view layer similar to React, Vue is easier to use than React and Angular.

Prequisitives: HTML,CSS, JavaScript

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You could search on Google to find the best tutorials, you will get plenty of the resources. You may also find the below resources useful. Below are Top 10 video tutorials to learn Vue JS.
Top 10 best Vue JS video tutorials
Top 10 best Vue JS video tutorials 

Vue JS 2 - The Complete Guide (incl. Vue Router & Vuex)

Trust me, this tutorial is one of the best and popular resources for mastering in Vue JS. The instructor gives a comprehensive overview of the Vue JS and he starts with explaining how to set up the environment to get started with Vue JS, then he covers What is DOM and how can we interact with DOM elements using Vue JS for rendering Lists and HTML elements, how to create a Vue JS Instance, then you will learn about Vue CLI, how to working with components, different components in Vue JS, how to create the forms and how to components are used to interact with forms, then you will move on the what are Directives, fliters, and mix and how to use them. Then the instructor walks you how to create the animations and transitions and how to work with API's using HTTP services, then you will learn about Routing and state management for building a single Page application popularly know as SPA. how to deploy your App etc,. Apart from this, to check your knowledge you will be provided assessments, exercises, and asked to build real-time projects to boost your confidence levels. This tutorial is best suitable for all beginners. You don't need any prior knowledge of React or Angular to go through this. I would recommend going through this without a miss.

Vue.js: Getting Started

This course gives an introduction to Vue JS and in this tutorial, you find the answers to the questions such as why Vue JS is the powerful programming language? How to bind the data popularly called data binding when the user inputs the data? How to handle user events? different rendering techniques etc,. The instructor starts explaining about Vue JS by elaborating the importance of Vue JS. How to install and set up Vue JS, Axios, how to initialize the instance of a Vue, how to define templates, data properties, how to bind the data to the text, HTML attributes, CSS properties, CSS class, You will also learn how to bind to forms, checkbox, text fields and how to respond to the user inputs/events, event capturing, event handling etc,. Finally, you will learn about the conditional rendering lists and how to react when the data changes with filtering, watchers etc, At the end of the course, you will able to develop applications on your own. This tutorial is best suitable for the beginners.

Learn Vue 2: Step By Step

This video tutorial is another popular video tutorial presented Laracasts and here, the instructor will explain all the required concepts to master in Vue JS. The instructor begins with explaining with an example of data binding which gives short introduction to Vue JS, then explains how to set up and install the Dev tools required for programming in Vue JS, how to work v-for directive and how to render them on the web page, how to work with v-on directive and this directive is required for registering the event listeners, how to bind the data to attributes and classes using v-bind directive, then components used in Vue, how to use web packs and vue-cli, how to Vue Http Requests With Axios, working with forms, how to create webpack configuration from the scratch, how to use routing for building SPA, how to use filter, etc,. This video tutorial is best suitable for the beginners and intermediates.

The Ultimate Vue JS 2 Developers Course

This tutorial covers all the concepts step-by-step which are easy to follow and helps to get familiar with Vue.js coding as quickly as possible. This video tutorial is not a beginner course, the topics are covered beyond the basics. In this tutorial, you will learn Vue JS concepts and capabilities by developing 3 real-world Vue.js applications such as retail website, Google Calendar clone, online movie booking website. This video tutorial is best suitable for intermediates.

Learning Vue.js

Learning Vue JS is presented by popular learning website In this tutorial, the instructor walks you through how to apply the Vue JS features onto the existing project and explains all the concepts of Vue JS such as data binding, event handlers, two-way data binding, watchers, computed properties, using the registered and using components, how to manage and handle the events, how to install Vue-cli and web pack, installing and configuring Vue router. This video tutorial gives a quick introduction to Vue JS and this is best suitable for the beginners.

Vue.js 2.0 In 60 Minutes

Brad Traversy is popular instructor over the web and he has knowledge of many web technologies such as JavaScript, Bootstrap, jQuery, Angular, PHP, Node JS, MEAN,, Meteor and many more. In this video, he explains the Vue JS concepts in 60 mins. I would definitely recommend going through this video which is available on YouTube. It is worth to spend on this video.

Vue JS 2.0 - Mastering Web Apps is a project-based learning course which means you will learn and apply concepts to the real-time applications such as Notemaster, Starbase, Starbase router, Jokester, Turnout. The instructor makes sure that you are learning, something new from every video and explains the concepts clearly. This course will be little difficult to understand the concepts if you don't have prior knowledge of JavaScript ES6. This video tutorial is best suitable for intermediates.

Vue.js Fundamentals

In this tutorial series, the instructor explains the basics concepts and then moves on the advanced concepts. After the completing the basic concepts the instructor also walks you through how to develop the real-time application using Vue JS as the front end and Laravel framework as a backend.

React JS, Angular & Vue JS - Quickstart & Comparison

Everyone is confused which frontend framework to choose, after learning Javascript because there are many JavaScript frameworks such as Angular, React and Vue etc,. Out of all these frameworks which framework is best suitable for the project. Don't look back, this course will help you to this question. This course gives the basic overview of the popular framework such Angular, React and Vue. This course best suitable for the beginners who want to learn frameworks in a single shot.

Vue JS 2 Tutorial

This video tutorial is a presented by The Net Ninja. The Net Ninja also offers video tutorials on various web technologies such Nodejs, Grunt js, JavaScript, HTML, Web Pack etc,. As a part of it, The Net Ninja also offers video tutorials on Vue JS. They have published around 44 video tutorials.

From every video tutorial, you will learn something new, so I believe that the more you explore, the more you learn

Never stop learning :)