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Top 10 best jQuery video tutorials | Learn jQuery step by step

jQuery is an open source JavaScript library that helps to speed up your coding with "write less, do more" slogan.  JQuery is very powerful and by learning it you'll also broaden your knowledge of JavaScript.

The best thing about the jQuery is that you can manipulate the DOM elements without making any changes to existing HTML and CSS code. For example, a website is built using HTML/CSS, then jQuery comes handy where you can make changes to a web page using the jQuery without making any modifications to the HTML/CSS.

Most of the developers are using the jQuery in the web development because
  • jQuery  supports cross-browser functionality,
  • jQuery  is a Lightweight Footprint and minified version is 32kB 
  • jQuery has simpler API when compared to the raw JavaScript and much more.
 You don't need jQuery to learn Angular, BackboneJS, ReactJS, these frameworks are independent of jQuery but it is recommended to have knowledge of jQuery to make the most out of it.

Before getting started with jQuery, it is recommended to have knowledge on the below: 
  • Start with HTML. Try to understand that HTML is not a programming language, it is a markup language which is used for defining the structure of the webpage. 
  • Learn CSS, Cascading style sheets is used for applying the styles for a web page. You can apply the colors, increase the font-size, hide/show the elements etc,. 
  • Learn JavaScript. JavaScript is a client-side scripting language which adds the dynamic nature to your web page. 
If you're in the front-end development then you'll eventually come across it and you need to learn it without ignoring to enhance your web development skill. There are plenty of resources to learn jQuery but below are the best resources to learn Top 10 best jQuery video tutorials:
Top 10 best jQuery video tutorials
Top 10 best jQuery video tutorials

jQuery Learning Path: Basics to Advanced jQuery

Proper learning path is a required to transform a student from beginner to advanced level. Below is the required the learning path to master in jQuery.
  • Assuming that you're familiar with HTML/CSS, JavaScript prior getting into the world of jQuery. 
  • Try to understand the importance of jQuery and how it reduces the complexity of writing huge code. 
  • Once you understand the difference between JavaScript and jQuery, play with DOM manipulation, DOM Traversal, Effects and animations to get acquainted with jQuery Syntax.
  • jQuery UI is built on the top of core jQuery meaning that jQuery UI is an extension of jQuery and advanced features in it. If you want to use jQuery UI then you need to include jQuery lib as well. 
  • jQuery mobile is specifically to used for mobile web development and it is built based on jQuery. 
  • The next big thing is, learning AJAX. How to communicate with XML or JSON data sources. Today, all the web API's are available in XML or JSON format. So it is important to learn to focus more attention towards
  • To get your hands dirty, use free web API such Facebook API, Google API, Twitter API there are hundreds of API are available online and build applications using the API. It is critical for newbie's because it helps them to get a job easily
  • Next thing is, try to learn Bootstrap. Bootstrap helps to build the eye catchy responsive web pages easily with less effort. 
  • Learn the best practices and design patterns. 
  • Move onto advanced client-side frameworks such as Angular, ReactJS, BackboneJS. Please understand that you can still learn Angular, ReactJS etc,. without the knowledge of jQuery but I bet you will feel difficult to understand the concepts of Angular/ReactJS. You'll eventually come across the jQuery and you need to learn it to get a job. 
  • Once you get familiar with client-side frameworks, it's completely optional for you go become full stack developer or stick to only client-side frameworks but learning backend web development such ASP.NETNodeJS, Python, PHP, Ruby programming etc,. makes you complete web developer. 
To master in jQuery, I suggest building a web application on your own from scratch, host it on Microsoft AzureAmazon Web Services. etc,. 

The Complete jQuery Course: From Beginner To Advanced!

The Complete jQuery Course: From Beginner To Advanced! is one of the popular video tutorials over the web. This video tutorial gives the best introduction to jQuery and packed with lots of useful information which help the students to master the jQuery quickly. The instructor explains the concepts clearly, concisely and easy to understand style. The instructor starts with the introduction of  Jquery and then move onto basic concepts such as applying effects like fade in/out, hiding/showing elements, animations using callback functions on the HTML page, then explains how to handle the DOM elements, handling mouse events, and Key events, how to work with form validations. At the end, you will learn how to fetch the images from Flickr using AJAX calls through Flickr API. Additionally, the instructor also demonstrates working with PokéAPI, Pokédex API. This video tutorial is completely for the beginners and someone who has little knowledge jQuery. I recommend this video tutorial without a miss. You need to have knowledge of HTML/CSS and JavaScript to go through this video tutorial

Learn the basic building blocks of jQuery

This video tutorial is created by code school and available for free on the official website. This video tutorial includes 14 videos, challenges to make you feel better with understanding jQuery concepts. In this video tutorial, the instructor walks you through the jQuery basics, selectors, events, DOM manipulation, Styling etc,. The video tutorial is best suitable for the absolute beginners.

jQuery tutorial for beginners

This is a popular video tutorial over the web and this video tutorial is presented by kudvenkat. In this video tutorial, the instructor covers all the required concepts of jQuery step by step and progress to the advanced concepts. This video tutorial is best suitable for beginners and all the web developers who want to learn jQuery.

JQuery Tutorials - Thenewbuston 

Thenewbuston offers wide range videos for the free on YouTube where you can find video tutorials on different programming languages such as C programmingC++JavaScriptJava, Ajax, PHP, JQuery etc. It has published more than 40 videos to learn JQuery programming for free. The video collection covers all the concepts required to master in JQuery programming. You can watch those videos either on YouTube or official NewBoston website.

jQuery in Action: Build 8 jQuery Projects

jQuery in Action: Build 8 jQuery Projects is named after a popular book called jQuery in Action and this is one of best video tutorials to learn jQuery. The instructor begins with explaining what jQuery and how it is useful in web development in less time. Also, compares Javascript and jQuery and demonstrates explains how to jQuery reduces the complexity of writing code. In this video tutorial, the instructor covers how to apply effects, animations,  jQuery Selectors, to the HTML elements. Then moves onto explaining the importance of the DOM Manipulation and DOM Traversal. You will be developing the web projects such as Accordion, Slide Panel, New Ticker, Photo Zoom In/Zoom Out Effect, Memory Game, Image Slider, Animated Graph, Animated Tooltip. etc,. To learn jQuery UI, check out the jQuery UI in Action: Build 6 jQuery UI Projects

jQuery Essential Training

jQuery Essential training is presented by Joe Marini and here the instructor walks you through the concepts of jQuery in an easy and fun way. The instructor explains from the beginning with the introduction of jQuery and how jQuery is used, how to CSS selectors and filters are used to extract the information, how to create, insert and add animations dynamically without altering the existing code. The instructor covers how to handle events and how to work with AJAX etc,. This video tutorial is completely for the beginners.

This video tutorial is presented by EJ Media and has published 58 videos to learn jQuery. This video tutorial gives the introduction to jQuery and you'll learn all the basic concepts of jQuery. This video tutorial is best suitable for the beginners.

Udemy Projects in Javascript and Jquery

If you are looking to build the applications in real-time, you need to follow this video. Here in this course, Brad Traversy demonstrate how to build real-time projects that are very useful for the real-time developer as well as the students who want to learn JavaScript. Brad Traversy has a great knowledge of JavaScript and JavaScript based frameworks such as NodeJS, AngularJS, MeteoraJS etc. 

Learning 200 jQuery Functions with 800 Examples

This video tutorial gives a comprehensive overview of jQuery and you will learn jQuery with the help of 800 examples. In this video tutorial, the instructor walks how to use jQuery to work with DOM, how to use events, Animations, effects, AJAX and JSON. You will learn how to update the database variables, how to create the plugins. This video tutorial also covers jQuery UI concepts etc,. By the end of this video tutorial, you will be able to build interactive web applications. Though the content covered is outdated, this video tutorial still useful to learn jQuery concepts. This video tutorial is completely for the beginners and serves as a refresher training.

jQuery For Beginners : A Basic Introduction

If you think you don't want to spend to much of time in learning jQuery then this video tutorial helps you to learn jQuery quickly. In this video tutorial, the instructor walks you through how to install the jQuery library using CDN, how to write jQuery code, how to create slide effects, animations, click and mouse events etc,.

You can also check out the jQuery Tutorial for Beginners video tutorial as well.

Happy Learning :)