Friday, July 14, 2017

Top 10 Best Microsoft Excel video tutorials | Learn MS Excel step by step

Microsoft Excel is one of the most wide software tools to store the data in rows and columns and draw meaningful decisions from the data. MS Excel is popular because of its features such as pivot tables, graphics tools, macros and Visual Basic Application.

MS Excel is mostly used by the students, Accounting teams, offices, Financial teams, schools, businesses, digital marketers, almost by everyone and these people use it for generating the reports to check the performance, to showcase the data in the charts representation etc,.

For example, MS Excel is an important tool for a data scientist to the analyze data and infer the conclusions from it. For SEO analyst or AdWords specialist, Excel helps to choose the right keywords by sorting and finding the right the keywords.

There are many resources available online but below are Top 10 Best Microsoft Excel video tutorials quickly to master in MS Excel

Microsoft Excel - Excel from Beginner to Advanced

This video tutorial is one the best of video tutorial over the web. In this video tutorial, you will learn how to create effective spreadsheets and manage the large sets. The instructor walks you through the concepts such as how to use Sum, VLookup, If, Average, Index/Match and many more. The instructor demonstrates how to use pivot tables dynamically, how to save time by applying Macros and VBA. This video tutorial is one stop point for all those who want to master in excel from the beginners to advanced. This video tutorial is divided into 3 parts Microsoft excel 101 for beginners, Microsoft Excel 102 for intermediates, Microsoft Excel 103 for advanced. You can directly skip the videos based on your experience.

Microsoft Excel - From Beginner to Expert in 6 Hours

This video tutorial is the best and popular video tutorial on the internet. In this video tutorial,  the instructor covers a lot of content from the basic concepts to advanced Excel features such as macros, pivot tables, subtotaling, etc. This video tutorial also explains how to harvest the data from the web and how to create the online forms which allow you to take surveys. This video tutorial provides the access to work materials which gives hands-on experience to learn Excel. At the end of each topic, there will be a quiz to test your knowledge of the topic. This video tutorial is best suitable for the beginners. I would recommend this video tutorial without a miss.


ExcelIsFunt is a popular YouTube channel to learn Excel video tutorials which have more than 2000 videos. There are over 50 playlists which focus on different sections of students such as data analysis, accounting etc,. You can choose any playlist of your choice. 

Microsoft Excel - Advanced Excel Formulas & Functions

This video tutorial focuses on advanced Excel formulas and functions such as Lookup/Reference functions, Statistical functions, Formula-based formatting, Date & Time functions, Logical operators, Array formulas, Text functions etc,. The instructor walks you through how to get the real-time data from the API into the excel. This video tutorial is best suitable for the excel students who have basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel.

Excel training

The Micro Soft official website does provide the Excel training for the aspirants who want to learn Excel and this video tutorial covers the basic concepts of the Excel such as Excel interface, add text and data, add and format tables, working with charts, Analyze the chart data, create the basic pivot tables and charts, collaborate with others, Excel mac Tips, protect password workbooks

Microsoft Excel - Data Analysis with Excel Pivot Tables

This video tutorial is solely focused on the Data exploration and data analysis. This video tutorial helps to design and format for the raw data using pivot tables and draw the pivot charts. By the end of this video tutorial, you will learn to drive the meaningful information from the raw data. This video tutorial also helps you explore and analyze datasets from a number of real-world case studies, including IMDB ratings, Facebook Post data from Spartan Race etc,. This video tutorial is most suitable for those who want to become more proficient in data exploration and analysis.

Microsoft Excel 2013

This video tutorial gives the basic overview of the Microsoft Excel and it covers the fundamental concepts such as what is a cell, what is a worksheet, and how to format cells, saving and sharing worksheet. etc,.

Excel 2016 Essential Training

This video tutorial is popular video tutorial over the internet. In this video tutorial, the instructor Dennis Taylor walks you through the Excel interface, working with formulas and functions, finding and replacing the data, working with data, printing and sharing the sheets, charts and pivot tables, VLoopups, working with Marcos. This video tutorial is most suitable for the beginners.

Excel Tips Weekly

This video tutorial is another video tutorial by Dennis Taylor and in this video tutorial, he walks you through the advanced concepts of pivot tables in data analysis. You'll then find the best tips and tricks in every video which helps you to learn and master in Excel. This video tutorial is suitable for the people who already have basic knowledge of Excel.

Master Microsoft Excel Macros and Excel VBA

This video tutorial helps to learn advanced concepts of Excel such as Macros and Visual Basic. The instructor covers all the required concepts to apply the learned concepts in the projects and in this video tutorial, he walks you through the 5 projects. Each project is to build a specific concept and introduces to a new concept as we move another project. Each project is interrelated to other projects. It's an excellent starting point for persons who are new to VBA.

Happy Learning!