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Top 10 video tutorials to learn PHP | Best PHP tutorials

PHP(Stands for Hypertext Preprocessor) is an open source and widely used server-side scripting language for web development. Many developers choose PHP over other programming languages because it is easy to use, simple to understand, fast, stable, largest community support and much more.

Most of the popular websites such as Facebook, Yahoo, Flicker, Wikipedia, WordPress and millions of websites over the internet are developed using PHP programming language.

You can also develop the web applications using programming languages such as ASP.NETPythonNodeJSRuby. Which programming language to choose depends on situations because every programming language has their own advantages and disadvantages. Comparing these programming web languages will be like comparing apples to oranges.

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There are many video tutorial available online but it is worth to check out the below Top 10 video tutorials to learn PHP:
Top 10 video tutorials to learn PHP
Top 10 video tutorials to learn PHP

PHP for Beginners - Become a PHP Master - CMS Project

This video tutorial gives a completely comprehensive overview of the PHP and this is a popular video course over the web. This video is presented by Edwin Diaz, who has the in-depth knowledge of PHP programming language.  By seeking this tutorial, you will be able to learn the PHP concepts with ease. Edwin Diaz walks you through all concepts required to master PHP. The instructor walks you through the concepts such as data types, how to declares the variables, control structures such as If/else, custom and built-in functions in PHP, how to work with form and database. This video tutorial also includes a real-time project which helps you deep dive into PHP concepts by building a Content Management System Application such as Blogging platform. Also, the instructor explains how to provide the security to the CMS application. Apart from this, this course also includes the assessments and exercise s to boost your confidence level.  This tutorial is best suitable for beginners and intermediates. I would recommend this video tutorial without a miss.

The PHP Practitioner

Laracasts has exclusively provided the PHP beginner course for those who are very new to PHP. In this video series, you will learn about how to set up the environment to run the PHP script, by installing XAMP, WAMP, MAMP. then the instructor starts explaining the how to write the code using the Sublime text editor. The instructor walks you through how to declare variables, how to embed PHP in HTML, how to separate the PHP logic from HTML, how to create and work with Arrays, Boolean's, Conditionals, functions, how to connect with MySQL and working on CRUD operations using PHP, Refactoring and collaborators, how to hide your passwords, how to create router, views, working with forms, Request Types, Routing, and also at the the quick introduction to Laravel. This video tutorial gives a comprehensive overview of PHP and best suitable for the beginners.

Learn Object Oriented PHP By Building a Complete Website

This video course is presented by Brad Traversy and it's available online for free. Before watching this course, you can watch Learn PHP Fundamentals From Scratch before which is also available for free. In this video tutorial, Brad covers basic concepts and walks you through two projects
  1. This project covers MVC(Model View Controller) architecture
  2. This project covers Registration and Login using sessions, cookies)
After completing this course, I would recommend going through the Projects in PHP and MySQL  By watching the video tutorials, you will learn the concepts of the PHP and the real pain will be when you start working on the live projects. Brad Traversy is the best video instructor ever, who has great knowledge of various web technologies such as Node JS, Angular JS, PHP etc,. In this video tutorial, he walks you through 10 real-time projects such as WordPress contact widget, PHP Quizzer, Kewl CMS, Job Finder etc,.

PHP with MySQL Essential Training

This video tutorial is presented by Kevin Skoglund and in this video tutorial, Kevin starts with installing PHP on the different Operating and then covers all the basic concepts such as data types, variables, dynamic data, cookies, sessions, and CRUD(Create Read Update Delete)operations on SQL by considering content management system as an example.


NewBoston offers a wide range of video tutorial online for free on various web technologies such as Javascript, Ajax, PHP, JQuery. It has published over 200 video tutorials to learn PHP for free. The video collection covers all the concepts required to learn PHP.  You can watch this video tutorial either on the official website or YouTube.

Complete Website & CMS in PHP & MySQL From Scratch!

This video course is specifically for the students or aspirants who are looking to build a website content management system which pulls the data dynamically from the MySQL. After going through this video tutorial, you will be able to build a website on your own.

PHP and Web Design by Derek Banas

This video tutorial is presented by Derek Banas and he is very popular on the YouTube for programming video tutorials as the content provided here is rich, professional and easy to learn for the beginners to learn programming. In this video tutorial, the instructor walks you through PHP basic concepts and explains how to work with database using PHP and MySQL, he also walks you through the web design and programming etc,. and many more. 

Learn PHP and MySQL for Beginners the Easy Way

This video tutorial is completely focused on PHP and MySQL. By end of this course, you will be able to understand the fundamental concepts of PHP. The instructor walks you through the MySQL in detail. The video tutorial is useful for the beginners and intermediate.

PHP: Get Started

This video tutorial is presented by Christian Wenz and this video is a complete package of everything. He starts explaining basic concepts of PHP such as installation, demonstrates by creating a Hello world program and he covers topic such as variables functions and shows how to work with forms such as how to process and validate a form, CRUD operations using MySQL in PHP. This video course is best suitable for the beginners who want to get started with PHP.

Practical PHP: Master the Basics and Code Dynamic Websites

This is a very popular video tutorial on the internet and it's absolutely free. This video tutorial is completely for the beginners which cover the basic concepts and walks you through a real-time project of building a dynamic PHP restaurant website. I recommend this course without a miss.

You could also check out the PHP Tutorial for Beginners (For Absolute Beginners)

If you are unable to install XAMP on your computer, you can check the CodeAcademy, W3School websites for coding in online easily. In case if you are facing any issues you can post a question in Stackoverflow.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which language is best PHP or JavaScript?
We can't say which one is best because PHP is server-side scripting language and JavaScript is the client-side scripting language. They both operate differently. However, I would like to highlight that JavaScript is mandatory to learn web development whereas you can choose any back-end server-side web technology such as PHP, Python Nodejs, etc,. Start with JavaScript first, then chose any back-end development.

Happy Learning!!