Wednesday, February 1, 2017

JavaScript learning path 2020

JavaScript is a popular scripting language that is widely for web development. Many frameworks have been developed using JavaScript namely, AngularJS, Angular 2, ReactJS, BackboneJS, NodeJS, etc,. There are many resources that help the students to learn JavaScript such as books and video tutorials etc,. but these resources aren't complete, they either focus on beginners or advanced level programmers.
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A proper learning path is required to transform a student from beginner to advanced level. Let's understand the importance of learning path with the below example: 

Imagine you're traveling to a destination spot in the car and if you didn't carry the roadmap along with you then I bet you travel experience may not be pleasant as you may travel back and forth and end up in yourself in a different location far from your destination. At the end of the day, you will be reaching the destination spot after a long struggle wasting precious and money. 
JavaScript Learning Paths
JavaScript Learning Paths
I know you're intelligent, you might answer me saying that I use GPS to reach the destination spot without struggling and wasting time. That's a good idea but while learning programming languages, it is important to have a roadmap along with you. To master any programming language, a learning path is very important. If you don't have a popular learning path, you will end up struggling to learn any programming and wasting time. As GPS helps the people to reach their destination. 

JavaScript Learning Path

JavaScript Learning Path is one of the popular learning paths available over the internet that helps the students to learn quickly without wasting no time and it will transform Beginners into Experts.

The Learning Path is well structured and organized. The Learning Path is divided into 3 sections based on the skill set: Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced. At the beginner level, the course help students to get familiar with JavaScript by helping them to understand the importance of Javascript and gives a strong foundation of programming and JavaScript. At the intermediate level, the course helps the students to learn concepts such as Javascript Objects, Scopes and design patterns, etc,. 

At the advanced level, the course helps the students to learn Javascript advanced concepts with the knowledge acquired in the beginner and intermediate levels. 

The best thing about this course, you can get started with a free trial for 10 days, after the free trial period, you can enroll for a monthly or a yearly subscription. This course will boost your confidence levels and helps to acquire the required skills to take your career next level. 

Hope you enjoy this course. Let me know your thoughts by commenting here.