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Top 10 video tutorials to learn Angular | Best Angular tutorials

Angular is one of the most powerful JavaScript frameworks that is used to build Single Page Applications(SPA). The importance of the AngularJS over Javascript is that it reduced the complexity of writing 1000 thousands of lines used in the web applications. Moreover, it supports two-way binding, MVC architecture, directives, routers, controllers, services, and much more. It is part of the full stack development, MEAN(MongoDB, Express JS, AngularJS, NodeJS). 

AngularJS is not going to be piece of cake if you don't have knowledge of web technologies. Below are the things to consider before getting started with AngularJS is:
  • Start with HTML/CSS. HTML is used to define the structure of web page and how to apply the styles to a web page. Learn new concepts in HTML5/CSS3
  • Then move on to JavaScript. You need to understand the importance of JavaScript and why it is so popular? and today most of the popular frameworks such AngularJS, ReactJS, BackboneJS, NodeJS are built based on the JavaScript.
  • Once you're done with basic concepts then move on to advanced concepts in JavaScript such as JavaScript Objects, Variable Scope, and Hoisting, Closures, etc,. If you master in advanced concepts, then half of your job is done.
  • Then build projects in JavaScript. Brad Traversy is a popular web programmer, who demonstrates the Real world projects
  • Then you can jump into AngularJS. 
The demand for the AngularJS is growing every day, AngularJS aspirants are often confused to take which course they should take. Below are Top 10 Angularjs video Tutorials

Top 10 video tutorials to learn AngularJS

Angular 5 (formerly Angular 2) - The Complete Guide

This video tutorial covers the latest version of the AngularJS and instructor covers fundamental concepts of the AngularJS and also walks you through the latest features added in the AngularJS 4. No prior knowledge is required to take this course and also this video tutorial is best suitable for the beginners and serves as a refresher training for intermediates.

Udemy - Learn and Understand AngularJS

This is a popular and best video tutorial for AngularJS. Learn and Understand AngularJS is video course which is presented excellently by Anthony Alicea. He has in-depth knowledge on Javascript basics and he will explain from the root to top of the tree. Before going through this course, you need the understanding of the HTML and Javascript. Before going each concept, Antony will walk through JavaScript Aside, which makes easy for understanding the course.

AngularJS Learning Path

The AngularJS learning path is a complete package to learn in AngularJS. Here, you will learn about some key concepts such as scope, routing, built in directives and filters, services/factories, custom directives, and filters, how to use bootstrap in Angular, create and use a controller, what are different services available and how to create custom services, use routing concepts. The instructor walks you through the Angular architecture along with Angular benefits and features, best practices and understanding design patterns is important, because it lets students to write the code in a better way. Annotations and Code Analysis via Gulp Task Automation, separation of concerns and writing the clean code. Then you will learn about how to build a Single Page Application with menu features, dashboards, widgets etc,. This video tutorial is best suitable for all the proficiency levels. Take this course, if you want to build applications professionally. It is worth for penny.

AngularJS Learning Path
  • Understand the syntax and different features of the Angular such as Services, Routes, and Directives, two-way binding, Scopes, filters/Factories controllers, etc,.
  • Understand what are Angular MVC architecture.
  • How Services, Routes, controllers are used to communicate with each other in MVC architecture
  • Go through the best practices to understand design patterns and write reusable code
  • Then learn how to work with services such as Https request and how to communicate with JSON
  • Build some web projects on your own using web API such as Google Maps API, Weather API, Restaurants API etc,. 
  • Look at the other popular frameworks

AngularJS fundamental in 60-ish minutes

The instructor for AngularJS fundamental in 60-ish minutes is Dan Wahlin.Dan basically a .net developer, who eventually became learned and expert in angular. He is quite famous in angular js tutorials. You watch this video for free on YouTube and this video has got over 1.2 million views.

Codeschool-Shaping up with Angular

Gregg is a professor who loves teaching and he walks you through AngularJS. The course is well organized and he puts everything together in a fashion that makes it more fun to learn new things.

AngularJS JumpStart with Dan Wahlin

After watching AngularJS fundamental in 60-ish minutes, you probably like this video tutorial, if you are interested in learning more about AngularJS, you can check out another video called AngularJS JumpStart video training course. The video course will cover best practices used in the AngularJS. After watching this video, you will able to understand the key components and concepts in AngularJS.

Learning Angular

This video course demonstrated by Ray Villalobos. In this video course, he walks you through the building single-page web applications faster which includes how to use to angular filters, directives, MVC architecture, $http services and animations with real time example.

Angular Fundamentals

This video course Angular Fundamentals by Joe Eames and Jim Cooper. This course walks you AngularJS fundamental required for building single applications using MVC architecture. You will learn how to use maintainable and testable Single page applications using Bootstrap.


With the lots of courses available in the market, following all the courses make it difficult and lead to confusion and frustration. Thinkster brings you curriculum in a proper way to guide you in learning the concepts thoroughly and easily for building the large-scale applications. Angular JS

This video course is presented by Lukas Ruebbelke and divided into 3 part series so that at whatever level, you are comfortable with. The first series aims at explaining application up and running and by the end of video course, you will be able to learn how to create, update and delete bookmarks.

Angular JS official website

Most of the beginners complain that AngularJS office website isn't enough for learning AngularJS. In few cases it's true but not in all the cases. If you feel the same way go through above courses and then try understanding the core concepts.

Projects in AngularJS - Learn by building 10 Projects

This video tutorial is one of the best video tutorials presented by Brad Traversy where you will learn how to build the applications of the AngularJS in the real time. Brad has very great knowledge on using different web technologies. By the end of video course, you will be able to create your own websites and apps.
I would recommend you to go through the following without a miss:
  1. Udemy - Learn and Understand AngularJS
  2. AngularJS Learning Path
  3. Angular 4 (formerly Angular 2) - The Complete Guide
  4. AngularJS JumpStart with Dan Wahlin
  5. Projects in AngularJS - Learn by building 10 Projects

Course NameSkill LevelPrice
Udemy - Learn and Understand AngularJSBeginner/Intermediate$19
AngularJS fundamental in 60-ish minutesBeginnerFree
Codeschool-Shaping up with AngularBeginnerFree
AngularJS JumpStart with Dan WahlinBeginner /Intermediate$19
Learning AngularBeginner /Intermediate$25
Angular FundamentalsBeginner /IntermediatePaid
ThinksterBeginner /Intermediatefree Angular JSBeginner /Intermediatefree
Angular JS official websiteIntermediate/Professionalfree
Projects in AngularJS - Learn by building 10 ProjectsIntermediate/Professional$19

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