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Top 10 Best Salesforce video tutorials | Learn Salesforce Step By Step

Salesforce is a cloud computing company and largest Customer Relationship Management tool that offers a variety of services/products such as
  • Salescloud
  • Service Cloud 
  • Data Cloud (including Jigsaw)
  • Marketing Cloud
  • Community Cloud (including Chatter)
  • Analytics Cloud
  • App Cloud
Prerequisites: You don't any programming language or any prior knowledge to learn Salesforce

There are many tutorials to learn about Salesforce online. Out of them, below are top 10 video tutorials to learn Salesforce step by step
Top 10 video tutorials to learn Salesforce
Top 10 video tutorials to learn Salesforce

Salesforce Trailhead

Trailhead is one stop of place where you can find the training videos for almost all the categories in Salesforce. Salesforce trailhead offers a learning path for the students in the category in which they want to become masters. The tutorials are divided based on the roles and proficiency. Roles include Admin, Business user, and developer. Proficiency is divided into three parts Beginner, Intermediate and advanced levels.

The Complete Salesforce Administrator Certification Course

This video tutorial is a popular tutorial to learn salesforce Administration and to get prepared for the Salesforce Certification exam. This tutorial is up to date and the instructor will be updating the contents. This video tutorial is a really good tutorial that covers each topic in depth and the practice exam was extremely helpful. In this tutorial, the instructor covers all the required concepts to master in Salesforce. The instructor starts with a brief introduction to Salesforce and how to organization setup, user setup, how to provide security and access, how to create standard and custom objects, how to create sales and marketing apps, service and support applications,  Activity Management and Collaboration (Chatter). Also, how to create desktop and mobile administrations, how to work with AppExchange, and how to automate the workflow etc,. This tutorial helps your shift from a complete novice in Salesforce to Salesforce professional and passing the administrator exam. This tutorial is best suitable who interested in learning the Salesforce and no prior experience is required. 

This video tutorial is a great tutorial that helps you to understand all required concepts for the Salesforce Admin certification exam. You don't need any programming knowledge and prior Salesforce experience is required in order to go through this video tutorial. The instructor walks you through the Salesforce introduction, Organizational & User Setup, how to automate the process, Salesforce Security, Reports & Dashboards, Data Management, Sales & Marketing, Service Cloud, Activity Management, Mobile & Desktop Integration, etc,. 

If you looking for a video tutorial where you want to practice test and clear Salesforce administration Certification exam with feedback then this tutorial is best suitable for you. In this tutorial, the instructor shares all the tips and tricks for the passing the Certification exam in the first attempt. Training and Tutorials

Linkedin by Lynda provides many video tutorials on Salesforce and they are tutorials on each topic such as Salesforce Administration, Salesforce Lightning, Salesforce working with apps and development etc,. I recommend starting with Learning Salesforce Admin and then next move on to other Salesforce topics.  It is worth to go through the Salesforce video tutorials.

This tutorial helps you to master in Salesforce Administrator and a Salesforce Platform App builder. The instructor will teach you how to configure Salesforce, so you are able to collect, analyze and retrieve all of the vital information associated with your customer base. Apart from that, the instructor will walk you through the fundamentals to understand Salesforce online application development and the deployment of next-generation cloud apps.

Salesforce Certification Training: Admin 201 and App Builder

Salesforce Certification Training tutorial will help you pass the Salesforce Administrator Exam (ADM 201) and the Salesforce App Builder (DEV 401) Exam. The instructor walks you through the concepts on platform, AppExchange, SFDC Security Model, Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, Lightning App Builder, Salesforce Reports & Dashboard can be mastered in this Salesforce Training tutorial

This tutorial is presented by Tutorials Point (India) Pvt. Ltd YouTube channel and this tutorial is really helpful to learn and get familiar with Salesforce. The instructor covers organization set up, MVC architecture, Salesforce Apps, Console Apps, Objects, Fields, Types of Relations, email templates, Reports, governer limits and many more.

This tutorial is presented by MyTutorialRack Youtube Channel and in this tutorial, the instructor walks you through the required concepts and walks you through how to create your free salesforce Developer Account, how to create a custom app in salesforce, how to create custom objects in salesforce? How to add custom fields in Salesforce? How to create Picklist in salesforce? Different types of relationship in salesforce, Profiles, and permission set in salesforce, personal setup, company setup and reports in Salesforce, Tab Settings Default On, Default off and Tab Hidden, Standard and Custom Profiles in Salesforce etc,. 

This tutorial is presented by ZaranTech and by the end of this video tutorial, you will gain domain knowledge in Salesforce Administrator, Salesforce Development and You will get familiar with how to Design Data Model for cloud-based applications and architecture. Along with you will learn how to automate Sales and Service processes using Workflows, Approval Processes, and Formulas. Also, you will learn to get the hands-on experience of end-to-end application designing on platform. Furthermore, you will learn about the best practices of app designing, app customization, debugging, data validation and security etc,.

From every video tutorial, you will learn something new, so I believe that the more you explore, the more you learn

Happy Learning:)