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Top 10 Bitcoin Best video tutorials | Learn Bitcoin Step by Step

In the last of the couple years, the most trending buzzwords in trading are Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, and blockchain. The popularity of the bitcoins is increasing day by day because of its decentralized nature and anonymity. Let's understand what is a bitcoin? other terms related to the bitcoins such as Cryptocurrency, and blockchain.

What is a bitcoin?
Bitcoin is a virtual digital currency that used for sending or receiving the money across the globe without any intervention of Bank, financial institution. Before bitcoin marketplace, people used to transfer the money via bank. Though bitcoins, people can transfer money without the need of any financial institution. As of now, the only disadvantage of using bitcoins is that there is no regulatory authority and legalization around it.

What is Blockchain?
Blockchain is a technology that enables to transfer the bitcoins. Since the exchange of bitcoins works without any centralized authority, the transactions are made transparent which helps to prevent frauds. Blockchain records every transaction and all these transactions are transparent and no one can edit these transactions.

What is Cryptocurrency?
Currency that exists digitally is called as a cryptocurrency. For example, Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency. Not Bitcoin, there are hundreds of cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin etc,.

To gain more knowledge of Bitcoins, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency trading, there are many resources to learn about bitcoins but below are tutorials that helps to learn and master in Bitcoins and Cryptocurrency exchange.
Top 10 Bitcoin Best video tutorials
Top 10 Bitcoin Best video tutorials

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies

This tutorial is a great place to learn about the Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency. The tutorial gives you a very good deep insight into the realm of cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies. The instructor answers the following questions: What is Bitcoin and how does it work? how it is different from cryptocurrencies? How to obtain a bitcoin? How anonymous are Bitcoin users? how the price of the Bitcoin is evaluated? what is the future of the Bitcoin? what is Bitcoin Mining? how Bitcoin mining works? By the end of this video tutorial, you will have complete knowledge of Bitcoin and will able to use it your own project. This tutorial is best suitable for beginners and intermediates.

Blockchain and Bitcoin Fundamentals

This tutorial is a popular video tutorial to get started with Bitcoin and Blockchain. In this tutorial, the instructor explains a lot of valuable information and provides comprehensive insights on Blockchain technology and Bitcoin. I highly recommend this video tutorial to anyone who wants to understand what is blockchain and how it is used for Bitcoin transactions? What are smart contracts, cryptocurrency, digital tokens? How blockchain and Bitcoin are related and why it's so important to know the relation? How to get started with Bitcoin? This tutorial gives you a strong foundation of Bitcoin and Blockchain. This tutorial is best suitable for the beginners and serves as a refresher training for the people who already familiar with Bitcoin and Blockchain.

Cryptocurrency Investment Course 2018: Fund your Retirement!

If you're looking for Bitcoin trading then this video tutorial is best suitable for you. This video tutorial focuses on buying and selling of Bitcoin and Altcoins on the Cryptocurrency Exchange. In this tutorial, the instructor walks you through the cryptocurrency investment and shows how to buy a bitcoin using Coinbase and how to send it over to an exchange,  both Poloniex and Bittrex. The instructor also discusses 4 main strategies for the investing coins and two main strategies for long and short-term success. In order to get started with Bitcoin trading, you need to have a bank account to start investing right away.

Introduction to Bitcoin and Decentralized Technology

This tutorial is created by the developer and a bitcoin enthusiast. In this tutorial, he explains how the blockchain technology can be applied in the existing business by accepting a bitcoins online. In this video tutorial, the instructor explains you to understand how and why this technology works. This tutorial also covers things like a survey of several other decentralized projects including Ethereum, IPFS, ZCash and private blockchains. This tutorial is best suitable for the developers and business enthusiast

Bitcoin - KhanAcademy

KhanAcademy YouTube channel provides online video tutorials on various subjects such as Arithmetic, Calculus, Chemistry, Physics, History, Art, Medicine, Economics, and Finance tutorials. As a part of providing education on various subjects, here they have included what Bitcoin is and how it works and many more. If you're absolute beginner this a great place to get knowledge of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Crypto

This tutorial gives your brief introduction to Bitcoins and Cryptocurrency. The instructor explains the concepts clearly and easy to understand style. By the end of this video tutorial, you will be able to explain what bitcoin is and how and why to use them. 

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies Online Course

This video tutorial is designed and taught at Princeton. This video tutorial is presented by a group of instructors. In this YouTube channel, you will find a series of 11 lectures and programming assignments, materials, a textbook. Here in this tutorial,  the instructor starts with explaining the basics of Cryptocurrency and what is bitcoin decentralization? how to store and use bitcoins? what is bitcoin mining? what are policies, regularities, altcoins and cryptocurrency ecosystem and future of bitcoin?

101 Blackboard Series

CRI is a YouTube channel that provides a lot of information about the Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency. The video tutorial serves as a beginner's guide to all things bitcoin. There are around 30 videos which give knowledge about Bitcoin.

This video tutorial is a popular video tutorial to learn about the Cryptocurrency investment. By the end of this tutorial, you will able to learn and understand how to buy, sell and invest in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin & other Cryptocurrency. The instructor explains the Cryptocurrency investment opportunities and platforms currently available such as Coinsquare. You will learn and understand the basics of cryptocurrency trading graphs and learn fundamentals of the blockchain. Also, the instructor explains two main strategies for Cryptocurrency investment.

The Cryptocurrency Bible™ | Bitcoin, Ethereum, Altcoin...

This tutorial gives you a really great introduction to Cryptocurrency and helps you to learn everything you need to be able to understand the complicated and interesting marketplace. The instructor provides a ton of useful resources to learn about the trends in the market. This video tutorial is best suitable for anyone who wants to know how to invest in cryptocurrency. I highly recommend this tutorial without a miss.

From every video tutorial, you will learn something new, so I believe that the more you explore, the more you learn

Happy Learning :)