Monday, April 2, 2018

Top 10 Best Wordpress video tutorials for developers | Learn WordPress Step by Step

Though there are hundreds of the WordPress plugins and themes, many people choose to create their own WordPress Plugins and themes for customizing the websites according to their requirements. There is a huge demand for the WordPress plugins/themes and Web Designers/Web Developers create customized plugins/themes for selling them in the market and create them for their business requirements.

Prerequisites: In order to learn WordPress development, you need to have knowledge of basic knowledge of HTML/CSS, Javascript, BootstrapPHP etc,.

There are many tutorials available on the internet to learn WordPress for developers but below are Top 10 Best Wordpress video tutorials for developers.

Become a WordPress Developer: Unlocking Power With Code

This video tutorial is the best video tutorial to get started with the WordPress development. The instructor explains complex topics in an easy to understand style by providing a lot of examples. The assessments and quizzes that are provided in this video tutorial help the students to get confident in WordPress and boost your confidence level. In this tutorial, the instructor begins with explaining how to set up the environment for development and then gives you a brief introduction of PHP language and how to set up the theme in WordPress. He then covers javascript basics and then explains what is REST API and how to work with it for building the "my notes" app where the instructor shows CRUD operations for creating, deleting and updating the posts. Then the instructor shows how to deploy the application and much more. I highly recommend this video tutorial for the beginners without a miss.

The video tutorial helps you to learn how to develop the customized WordPress themes with Bootstrap The instructor shares all his knowledge for developing the WordPress themes and you can apply the tips and tricks in your projects. This video tutorial provides lots of useful information on how to convert a static, custom website to a WordPress dynamic site and also this tutorial helps to troubleshoot and fix the issues. You need have knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP to understand what the instructor is teaching or else it becomes little difficult to follow the instructor. 

In this tutorial, the instructor walks through the entire process of how to build a WordPress Plugin from the scratch. The instructor has well organized the course structure in the such a way that even a beginner can understand what he is teaching. In order to get started with this video tutorial, you need to have knowledge of basic HTML, JavaScript, and PHP. This video tutorial is not suitable for advanced skill level students and this is best suitable for beginners. 

Wordpress Development

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create an eCommerce website with an online store shopping cart in WordPress. The instructor begins by explaining how to set up the WordPress environment and he begins explaining how to develop the customized theme. The instructor starts from basic overview and goes into in-depth explanations of theme development. Then the instructor shows how to work with APIs with the help of AJAX request for plugin development. It is worth to go through this video tutorial. 

WordPress Custom Theme Development

This tutorial focuses on developing custom theme development instead of relying on the child themes for WordPress websites. By the end of this tutorial, you will be able to build the customized theme as per your requirement and also gain the knowledge of building your own WordPress theme. In this tutorial, the instructor walks through the how to create a theme prototype and explains the theme structure meaning how to organize the template files and file structure. Then the instructor explains how to build a WordPress theme and much more. I would recommend this tutorial without a miss. 

WordPress Coding Basics - Rachel McCollin

This is a great place to get started with WordPress development and here, you will find a wide range of the video tutorials on WordPress development from the beginner to advanced level. The instructor covers all the required concepts to master in WordPress development.

WordPress 101 for Beginner Developers

In this tutorial, the instructor shows how to create a WordPress theme from the scratch. Here, the instructor. The instructor starts explaining the folder structure of the website and then explains how to include the CSS and Javascript files. The instructor walks you through building the custom menus. Post loops, Custom pages, post formats, sidebar and widgets, paginations, custom search and much more. I highly recommend going through this tutorial. This tutorial is best suitable for the complete beginners.

WordPress Plugins Development Tutorials

This tutorial is part of the mega tutorial series where the instructor covers advanced WordPress development such as WordPress 101 - Create a theme from scratch, WordPress Premium Theme Development, WordPress Mega Menu, Learn SASS from Scratch, Design Factory, Affinity Designer. You can find the links to these URLs in the description of video tutorials. Depending on your requirement, you can choose the video tutorials and master on the specific topic.

Wordpress Theme Development

Brad Traversy is very popular instructor over the internet who has great knowledge of various web technologies. This video tutorial helps you to understand how to develop Wordpress Theme With Bootstrap. The instructor starts with explaining Wordpress theme project and how to create HTML template with Bootstrap, then create the footer and header files, then explains how to implement Menu With Dropdown. After that, the instructor covers how to work with main content area, posts and pages, sidebar formats and widgets and much more. It is worth going through this tutorial.

WordPress Theme Development Tutorial with DevWP 

This video tutorial focus on the advanced WordPress theme development and I don't recommend this video tutorial for beginners because this video tutorial includes advanced web technologies such as Nodejs, Gulp, Git, Sass, WordPress, MAMP, Atom Text Editor etc,. This is best suitable for the advanced level students.

It is also worth to check out this tutorial as well: WordPress Theme Development Tutorials and check out the Learn Plugin Development in WordPress By Building Projects

From every video tutorial, you will learn something new, so I believe that the more you explore, the more you learn

Keep Learning :)