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Top 10 Best Ansible video tutorials | Learn Ansible step by step

In the real world, when there many servers or machines in an organization, the administrator has to go to the respective server/machine to install/update the software. For example, there are two servers such as A and B servers then he can install it manually which is a simple task but complexity increase when the number of servers increases, he has to install on all the servers which is a tedious task and if there is any bug it becomes difficult to identify and resolve. Ansible solves this issue and reduces complexity and manual work administrators with simple steps. All they need to do write the destination machine address and intended software to install in the form of commands/instructors.

What is Ansible?
  • Ansible is an automation engine that helps in server configuration management, unified development, testing and deployment, task automation and IT orchestration. 
  • It is developed in Python.
  • It is easy and simple to understand and install
Top 10 Best Ansible video tutorials
Top 10 Best Ansible video tutorials
Ansible Architecture
Ansible has two types of servers
  • Controlling machines 
  • Nodes
Controlling machines communicates with Nodes with SSH secure protocol and all the commands/instructors are provided in the controlling machines. Below diagrams helps to understand the Ansible Architecture in a better way:
Ansible Architecture and workflow

Ansible is an open source software that runs on Linux, Mac or BSD and Ansible Tower is paid version for enterprises.

There are resources to learn Ansible but below are the video tutorials that help you to get started with Ansible but before going through Ansible, you should have knowledge on Linux and its commands and computer networking knowledge:

Ansible for the Absolute Beginner - Hands-On

Ansible for the Absolute Beginners is another popular tutorial and covers all the basic fundamentals concepts of Ansible. The instructor provides the explanations with the help of visual drawings that really helps for understanding the concepts and how things work with Ansible. In this tutorial, the instructor covers topics such as YAML, Ansible Inventory, Modules, Playbooks, Variables, Conditionals, Loops, Ansible Roles and much more. This tutorial also includes many exercises that make people get confident. This tutorial is well suitable for the absolute beginners and software professional who are looking infrastructure automation with Ansible.

Mastering Ansible

Mastering Ansible is the popular video tutorial that offers a comprehensive overview of the Ansible. The video tutorial encompassed with great content and solid information and this course is well structured and easy to understand. The instructor has divided into 6 sections and each section helps to understand new things in the Ansible. In the first two sections, you will learn fundamental concepts and basic installation set up. You will build an application environment in the third section, you will learn about modularity and encapsulation. In section 5, you will learn how to optimize and apply the different techniques to reduce the playbook execution time and finally, you will learn how to troubleshoot and testing. This video tutorial is best suitable for the beginners. Having the prior knowledge about the Linux commands is an added advantage.

Codereviewvideos offers tutorials on Ansible and in this tutorial series, the instructor covers concepts such as playbooks, tasks, and roles, inventories, variables including group and host, templates
securely handling passwords with the Vault, handling failures, etc,. This tutorial also includes the real-time examples such as configuring a new server, building a MySQL server ready for the shiny new database, setting up a Symfony site using Nginx and much more. It is worth to go through this tutorial. This tutorial is completely suitable for beginners. 

Ansible - A Beginner's Tutorial

In this video tutorials, the instructor walks you through the basics of about the Ansible tool, What are roles and playbooks?  how to create the first role and first task, how to create a playbook, how to run ansible-playbook,  Removing default bashrc-files, how to create the role for the app server which will host the python application, how to set up the database server such as creating the tasks, how to create/Copy Config files and Database Dump, how to create handlers,  how to Add role and server to the playbook, how to check the DB server.

Ansible tutorial - Networknutsdotnet

This video tutorial is presented by Networknutsdotnet which offers training on Linux and Cisco platforms. In this tutorials, you will learn about the difference between Ansible, puppet and chef and how to install the Ansible on controller machine and then you will learn how to write the playbook and how to take the advantage of it to enhance our work with scripting capabilities. then the instructor walks you through the how to test Ansible playbooks and understanding the tags, roles, vaults, securing your playbooks and much more.

By the end of this tutorial, you will learn and get familiar with Ansible and you will able to understand what Ansible? how does it work? and with help of the real-time example, instructor show the live demo. The instructor has good knowledge of Ansible and DevOps environment. The instructor has well presented the tutorial.

This tutorial is primarily focused on the DevOps engineers and helps them to get familiar with Ansible. The instructor begins explaining installation and configuration then deep dive into various features of Ansible, writing Ansible playbook, command line, debugging, building a playbook. The best things about this video tutorial, the instructor walk you through how to deploy, configure the DevOps pipelines automatically. The video tutorial is best suitable for those people who want to automate the infrastructure in DevOps. 

DevOps | Automation | Ansible Learning Videos | Ansible for System and DevOps Enginners

In this tutorial, the instructor starts with explaining quick introduction to Ansible, Ansible installation, and configuration, Adhoc commands, and configuration, Roles, templates and tags, how to automate AWS EC2 instance creating, performing user management, Operating System Patching for Multiple Linux Servers, Ansible Playbook, NTP client configuration and management, Apply CIS Security Benchmarking for RHEL, Ansible tips and tricks. The tutorial is best suitable for beginners.

Ansible Tutorials

In this tutorial, you will learn about the Ansible using Jinja2 templating and the instructor begins with explaining with brief introduction, how to set up Lab setup, and core installation, server setup, how to use YAML, windows node setup, Jinja2 templating, how to create playbook, variables, how to create a playbook role, inventory, etc,.

Ansible Tutorials for Beginners, Ansible Training Videos

In this tutorial, you will find the answer to the following questions. what is Ansible, why do we use it? how Ansible works? what are the Ansible advantages, how to install the Ansible? basic commands in Ansible Tutorials etc,.

Also, it is worth to check the below as well:
Ansible Hands-On Training
This video tutorial is presented by official website and here, you will find the tutorials related the Ansible Tower, Orchestration with Ansible Tower, 

From every video tutorial, you will learn something new, so I believe that the more you explore, the more you learn

Keep Learning :)