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Top 10 Best Docker video tutorials | Learn Docker step by step

Usually, when the developer has built a module and everything works as expected at the developer end. When same code is sent it to QA it fails. Docker tries to bridge these gaps and comes handy while shipping the codes between many environments. Docker allows us to create the containers for software applications.

What is Docker?
Docker is a container technology that helps to create, distribute and run container images on any server. Docker helps to create a standardized format sandbox so that sandbox can be used in any environment. In simple words, Dockers makes sure that our code works in all environments.
Best video tutorials
Virtual Machines vs Docker.
Docker uses the single Operating System and virtualizes apps only in it whereas Virtual Machines(VM) virtualize their guest Operating System on the top of the Host's Operating System. Below screenshot helps to understand the difference in a better way:
VM vs Docker
Solomon Hykes and his team have developed Docker and in this short video, he explains Why we built Docker. For quick introduction go through introduction-to-docker.

There are many video tutorials to learn Docker but below video tutorials are helpful to master in the Docker.

But before going through the below Docker video tutorials, you need have knowledge of Windows/Linux commands, having prior experience in any programming language such Python, Java, Node JS, Ruby, PHP etc,. and knowledge about networking is an added advantage for you.

Docker Mastery: The Complete Toolset From a Docker Captain

This video tutorial gives you a good understanding of Docker tools and how it is useful for deploying the real-world applications. The instructor has sound knowledge of Docker and he explains the concepts clearly. The content provided in this video tutorial is great and helps to get familiar with Docker and exercises provided into tutorial helps to confident with Docker. In this tutorial, you will learn about the how to install and setup Docker environment, Git, how to use the command line to write commands and the instructor walks you through Docker container basics such as how to create, manage and destroy containers basically CRUD operations of containers, Docker networking, next you will learn about the image basics such as how to use Docker hub, how to create Docker files and then move on to persistent data where you will learn about data management, Docker compose, Docker Swarm, swarm services, security, app deployment. I would recommend this video tutorial to developers who want to learn and use Docker in real-time. It is worth to spend money on this tutorial.

Docker Official channel

Docker YouTube is a great place where you can find updates, conferences, webinars, summits and many more. It is worth to subscribe to this channel for future updates. In the official website, you will find Docker tutorial 3-part series.

This video tutorial is an introductory course for the beginners who are very new to Docker and this course will give you the confidence to dive in to advance Docker concepts. The instructor has well explained with his diagrams are very helpful in understanding the concepts and also provides hands-on tests. The instructor starts with explaining the Docker Overview, running Docker Containers, Creating a Docker image, Docker Compose, Docker swarm, and Docker Networking etc,. The exercises and assignments provided in this tutorial are very helpful to solidify knowledge and confidence levels. This tutorial is best suitable for the absolute beginners.

Docker for Developers

This tutorial is presented by Codemy School YouTube channel and in this video tutorial, the instructor gathered the required knowledge and put that in the short videos. Here, he will explains the about why we use Docker and tools, shows the workflow of setup on which you will be working, how to build an App container such as Ruby on Rails container with PostgreSQL, worker process, Redis service, elasticsearch service, how to work with Rancher and build a Docker hub and many more. This video tutorial is best suitable for the developers who are looking for Ruby on Rails. 

Docker Course Made for Developers

The instructor walks you through explaining the what is docker and its benefits, Docker tools, and what is the role of each tool in Docker and how they used in development workflow and much more. The instructor provides the examples by developing a real-time application using Node js,, PHP and shows you how to deploy the code. By the end of this tutorial, you will get familiar with to use the Docker products including, Docker Toolbox, Docker Client, Docker Machine, Docker Compose, Kitematic, Docker Cloud and much more. This video tutorial is best suitable for the developers.

Docker Training

In this video tutorial, the instructor explains what Docker and how you can use it. Here, instructor covers the topics such as how to install the Docker, how to run Docker Containers, difference between Docker containers vs images, how to build the images manually through CLI and automatically, what are contents of Docker files, networking with Docker containers, working with volumes, What is Data and linking containers and how to use predefined the docker hub repositories and much more.

Docker for Web Developers

Docker for Web Developers helps the understand how you can use the Docker efficiently for building the apps. The instructor begins with explaining introduction to Docker and then explains how it is useful. After that, the instructor walks you through the Docker toolbox, the Docker Machine, and Docker Client commands and how all these components are useful in developing environment.

Understanding ABC of Docker

This video tutorial gives a quick introduction Dockers and helps you to get started with Selenium Grid with Docker. In this video tutorial, you will learn basics of Docker and how to install the Docker, how to work with containers and commands, pulling the containers from the Docker hub and linking with multiple containers to perform a single operation and finally working with Docker compose.

Learning Docker

In this video tutorial, the instructor begins with explains Docker and its workflow. then he will explain how to use Docker Containers, and how to work with Docker images, Docker files, registries, Orchestration and much more. The best thing about this tutorial is, the instructor shares his knowledge from his experience. Before going through this tutorial, you should have knowledge of how to use command line environment, networking commands, bash and Linux shell scripting.

Docker for Java Developers

Though the sound quality is not great, we should appreciate the content provided this video. This tutorial very much useful for Java Developers. In this tutorial, the instructor covers  how to get started with Docker, how to run Java application with Docker, how to Package your Java application with Docker, how to Share your Java application using Docker Hub, how to package your Java application as Docker multi-container applications, how to Scale your database and application using Docker Compose, how to Deploy your Java application using Maven and much more. The video tutorial is best suitable for beginners.

Also, you can go through the Docker tutorials and Docker - Egghead. If you think that any best video tutorials are missing in the above list, please let us know by commenting, so that it is helpful for Docker aspirants.

From every video tutorial, you will learn something new, so I believe that the more you explore, the more you learn

Keep Learning :)