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Top 10 Best Apache Spark video tutorials | Learn Bigdata

As we already discussed that how every day a large amount data is generated in Hadoop video tutorials post and how Hadoop helps to process and manage the large sets of data. It is not possible for the single machine to handle multiple requests such as CRUD operations as the data is very large, it takes a lot of time to process the data. Hadoop provided the solution data processing with the below features:
  • HDFS -  Distributed Storage ( It helps to store the files in different places in the form of clusters)
  • MapReduce - Computing Engine
  • YARN - Resource Manager
Though Hadoop offers best solutions for data processing, MapReduce has been a nightmare, it involved a lot of complexities.
Best apache video tutorials
Best  Apache Spark video tutorials

Why Apache Spark?
Apache Spark is an open-source computing Engine that runs on Hadoop. It is used as a replacement for MapReduce. Apache Spark runs 100x faster than the Hadoop MapReduce. Apache Spark uses called DAG engine that optimizes its workflows. Many popular websites are using Apache Spark namely, Amazon, eBay, NASA JPL, Groupon, Tripadvisor, Yahoo and much more. 

Apache Spark gives the flexibility to write the code in Java, Scala, R and Python programming language. Out of all the programming languages, Scala works best and efficient to work with Apache Spark as it is written in Scala programming language.

Different components of Apache Spark:
  • Spark Core
  • Spark Streaming
  • Spark SQL
  • MLLib
  • Graphx
Apache Spark Stack
There are many tutorials online but below are top 10 video tutorials to learn Apache Spark.

Apache Spark 2.0 with Scala - Hands On with Big Data!

This video tutorial is popular video tutorial over the web which provides you a basic overview of Apache Spark 2.0. You will understand how big data works and what "big data" really is and you will also learn about scala programming. This video tutorial is clear and focused with a very good balance between theoretical and practical concepts. The instructor begins with explaining how to set up the environment to get started with Apache Spark, how Spark will solve the real world problems. How to write and run Spark jobs and how to use  Amazon's Elastic MapReduce service and then takes you through the Spark technologies such as Spark SQL, DataFrames, DataSets, Spark Streaming, and GraphX and many more. By the end of this video tutorial, you will be confident enough to get familiar with Apache Spark and running, debugging the applications on your own. This video tutorial is primarily focused on Scala programming. If you want to learn Spark using Java, you can go with Apache Spark with Java - Learn Spark from a Big Data Guru and if you want to learn spark with Python then go with Taming Big Data with Apache Spark and Python - Hands On

Apache Spark - Scala

This video tutorial is presented by itversity YouTube channel and this channel has collection of videos related to bid data technologies which includes Hadoop, Apache Spark, Hive, Pig, Sqoop, HBase, Cassandra, Mongo DB, ETL, Data Warehousing, Linux, Oracle, MySQL, Aster, Greenplum, Teradata, Goldengate and much more everything that is in the context of Big Data. Here, the instructor has released a series of video tutorial on Apache Spark- Scala. It is worth to go through this tutorials.  

Apache Spark with Scala - Learn Spark from a Big Data Guru

This tutorial is another popular video tutorial to learn Apache Spark with Scala programming. In this video tutorial, you will about the architecture of the Apache Spark, how to develop the applications with Scala using RDD transformations and Spark SQL. Also, you will learn about the advanced techniques to improve Apache Spark jobs by partitioning, caching and persisting RDDs and how to share information between the different nodes across Apache Spark cluster by broadcast variables and accumulators etc,. and the best practices to follow. Though the concepts are complex to understand, the instructor managed to explain the code is very clear and in an easy style.

Apache Spark 2.0 Novice to Expert Tutorial (Training)

This tutorial is presented by the TalentOrigin and here, TalentOrigin you will find the tutorials on various topics related to BigData and Data analytics such as Hadoop, Spark, PySpark, Python, Hive, Impala, Oozie, Cloudera, Horton Works etc,. Here, in this Spark tutorial, you will learn the basic concepts of Apache Spark. The instructor starts with explaining the how to download and install Apache Spark. Then he explains about Spark Shell, RDD's, transformations, Spark project using IntelliJ Maven and SBT and also with Eclipse, Spark Dataframe, Creating a DataFrame with CSV file and working with datasets vs Data frames and much more. It is worth to go through this tutorial.

Learn Apache Spark from Scratch for Beginners

This tutorial is presented by Eduonix Learning Solutions and The course is divided into four sections. In the first section, you will learn about how different applications can be built using Apache Spark, Machine Learning, and Graph X, then different modes in runtime, then how to set up the HotronWorks VM, Scala API, then running Apache Spark. In the second section, you will learn how to build and run the spark applications using runtime modes. In the third section, you will learn how to build types of applications such as visualization, Machine Learning, Streaming, SQL application. you will also how to build the tools and spark(Maven and Gradle) and submitting the application to Spark Driver. In the fourth section, you will Apache Spark Streaming applications, creating a Twitter Stream processor application and much more. It is worth to go through this video tutorial.

Apache Spark

By the end of this tutorial, you will be able to understand why Apache Spark is used and purpose of it, different components of Apache Spark unified stack, understanding the RDD(Resilient Distributed Dataset) and how to install the setup. How to work with Scala and Python programming in Apache Spark, then finally, learn how to run the jobs in both Scala and Python shell.

Apache Spark Tutorials

Apache Spark Tutorials is an excellent video tutorial by the Learning Journal. In this tutorials, the instructor the explains the concepts the clearly and concisely.  The instructor starts with explaining how to set up the environment of Apache Spark, then walks you through the quick introduction of Apache Spark and it's ecosystem, why it is popular in the world of big data? he also covers the architecture of the Apache spark and data frames, you will learn about Spark related Jargons and the anatomy of Spark Application etc,.

Introduction to Spark & Scala | Apache Spark Tutorial for Beginners

This tutorial gives you a quick introduction to Apache Spark and in this tutorial, the instructor discusses what is Bigdata and it's history, how to Hadoop and Spark helps in data processing?then difference Hadoop and spark? how the spark is handy for solving the real world problems, and what are limitations of Hadoop map reduce?What is a need for spark and its features, ecosystems, data flow of Spark, and data trends and much more? It is worth to go through this tutorial.

Apache Spark and Scala Tutorial Videos

In this tutorial, you will find all the information required to get started with Apache Spark and Scala programming language. Though the list is not organized properly, the information available from each video is useful to learn Apache Spark. Here you will video of Scala programming, Spark SQL, Spark Hadoop tutorial, Spark Ecosystem, MapReduce vs Apache Spark, Pyspark, interview questions and answers etc,. You need to organize the content in structured instead of going through them randomly

Apache Spark Tutorial

Apache Spark tutorial series helps to get started with Apache Spark tutorial and it covers the basic concepts of Apache Spark. Here, the instructor walks you through setting up Apache spark on Ubuntu, then discussed the Spark shell, Spark UI, SparkR setup, how to work with JSON data, Apache parquet, and Apache spark, how to run a spark job on Standalone Cluster.

If you're interested in learning Apache Spark through book then you can check out the below
Learning Spark: Lightning-Fast Big Data Analysis

From every video tutorial, you will learn something new, so I believe that the more you explore, the more you learn

Keep Learning :)