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Top 10 best Computer Networking video tutorials | Learn Networking step by step

All the electronic devices such as computers, cell phones, POS Machines and ATM's are interconnected with each other forming a network for sharing information between two machines/devices. When a group of computers are interconnected then we call it as a computer network. The simple and basic example is a group of computers in an organization/Company. To manage the computer networks, Companies need Network Admin. To build a career in the networking, it is important for the students/Network administrators to have knowledge of computer networking. There are plenty of resources to learn Computer networking but the below are Top 10 best Computer Networking video tutorials
Top 10 best Computer Networking video tutorials
Top 10 Best Computer Networking Video Tutorials

The Complete Networking Fundamentals Course. Your CCNA start

This video tutorial is popular video tutorials on the web and it covers all the required concepts to master in Computer Networking. The instructor explains the concepts thoroughly with detailed explanation and this video tutorial is well organized in such a way so that even beginner who has doesn't have any knowledge of Computer Networking, can also be understood easily. In the tutorial, you will find the answers to the following what is Computer Networking?, what are the different types of Network architectures (OSI Model)?, What are hubs, switches, routers?, How is data passed through a connected network?, what is an IP address? what is an IP subnetting? What is Cabling? and what are the different types of network topologies available?, what is Ethernet?, What is TCP, UDP
DNS, and DHCP? what is Routing? and much more. The best thing about this video tutorial, the instructor uses the GNS3(Graphical Network Simulator) to build the topologies the networks and also gives the best opportunity to learn using the real IOS. The instructor also explains how to monitor networks using GNS3 after integrating with other tools. This video tutorial is best suitable for anyone who wants to gain good command over the foundations of Computer Networking or serves as a refresher training for anyone who has little knowledge Computer Networking.

Introduction to Computer Networks for Non-Techies

This video tutorial is another popular video tutorial over the internet to learn basics of Computer Networking. This video tutorial gives a complete overview of the Computer networks. The instructor explains the topics clearly with diagrams so that the non-techies can understand the concepts clearly. In this video tutorial, you will learn about the benefits of the Computer Networking, network topologies, TCP/IP model, Network devices and how they are connected etc,. This video tutorial is best suitable for beginners as well as for anyone for non-techies

Become a Network Administrator

In this video tutorial, you will learn about the following:
  • Understand the importance of Computer Networks? Ask question to yourself what if there is no networking?
  • Starts with Networking basics such as Topologies, Protocols, Layers
  • Understand the difference between logical vs physical addressing, IPv4 vs IPv6, resolution techniques such as DHCP and DNS
  • Learn how to setup the LAN, WAN with routers, switches, and different routing protocols
  • Troubleshooting the connectivity issues with the help of command line
  • you will learn about configuring and verifying the IP address, static vs dynamic IP addresses, public and private addresses
  • how to troubleshoot network performance and security issues, subnetting, packet delivery process. 
  • Cisco CLI switch configuration, Cisco CLI router configuration etc,.
This video tutorial is best suitable for the beginners and helpful even for the experienced people

Full Series | 200-125 CCNA v3.0 | Free Cisco Video Training 2017 | Networking Inc.

This video tutorial is primarily focused on getting through the CCNA certification exam:200-125 CCNA. In this video tutorial, the instructor covers all the required concepts of Networking. The instructor begins with explaining the networking fundamentals, OSI layers, and TCP/IP model, Subnetting, IPV4, internetworking devices, connecting to the Cisco devices and switching VLAN Configuration, Working with Routers, DNS and DHCP, ACL, NAT and PAT, troubleshooting, password resetting and licensing etc,. This video tutorial is best suitable for the individuals who want to get through CCNA certification exam:200-125

CCNA/CCENT Training Series (200-120 CCNA, 100-101 ICND1, 200-101 ICND2)

This video tutorial is one stop point for CCNA and CCENT Routing and Switching. This video tutorial has solid 84 videos that help to get through the CCNA and CCENT Certification. In this video tutorial, you will learn about topics such as what is a network and how it is designed, history of networking, network topologies, how communication between the two end peers. The instructor discusses common protocols, Roles of the transport layers, IOS command devices, VLAN basics, Routing basics, RIP configuration, EIGRP basics, DHCP, PPPoE configuration, Netflow. I would recommend going through this video tutorial without a miss.

Computer Networks - Ravindrababu Ravula

This video tutorial is mainly focused on competitive exams but it gives a strong foundation of the Computer Networking. In this video tutorial, the instructor explains the basic concepts with real-world example and covers the all the topics such as Computer Network Overview, how IP address is used for identifying a computer in a network, what is a subnet, mask and routing, and much more in detail. 

CCNP All-in-1 Video Boot Camp With Chris Bryant

This video tutorial is a complete package for CCNP(Cisco Certified Network Professional) Routing and Switching certification. In this video tutorial, the instructor will prepare you for the switch 300-115,  route 300-101, Tshoot 300-135. The instructor explains the concepts with live demos using Cisco equipment. The instructor is a very knowledgeable person and shares all his knowledge clearly with detailed explanation and real-world examples. Also, the instructor explains about CCNA security as well. No matter if you are new to CCNP or you have little knowledge, this video tutorial is best suitable for the anyone

Cisco CCENT / ICND1 100-105

This video tutorial is helpful for preparing the ICND1 exam and also the knowledge gained in this video tutorial will help you to get through the CCENT certification. In this video tutorial, you will learn about network layering, configuration a Cisco router, Network Interface layer and troubleshooting and you will also learn about the dynamic routing, Application layer protocols, network address translation and building and troubleshooting a network with ICND1. This video tutorial is best suitable for anyone who has prior knowledge of basic Networking and intermediate who wants to clear the CCENT exam.

Computer Networking - Thenewbuston

Thenewbuston offers wide range videos for the free on YouTube where you can find video tutorials on different programming languages such as C programmingC++JavaScriptJavaPHP, JQuery etc. It has published more than 40 videos to learn Computer Networking for free. The video collection covers all the concepts required to master in Computer Networking. You can watch those videos either on YouTube or official NewBoston website.

Computer Networks - NPTEL

NPTEL(National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning) offers free video tutorials to learn Computer Networking. The instructors for this course is one of the best professors from the top colleges. The instructor explains about the OSI reference model Overview, Network Topologies, and its design, What is Media Access Control Level(MAC)? what are different Services, Problems, and protocols? The best thing about this tutorial is, the instructor explains the concepts with a practical example of local area network design and implementation. Also, he explains about the IEEE LAN Standards, Logical Link Control protocols, Client Server model and related software and much more.

Networking Fundamentals

To get familiar with Windows Server, Microsoft Virtual Academy has created some awesome videos for students who want to get into the Windows Server Computer Networking world. Here, you can find the videos not only Computer Networking but you will find the video tutorials of different products offered by Microsoft such as C#, Azure, ADO.NET. Database Administration, DevOps, HTML5 etc,. It is worth to watch the video tutorials on Microsoft Virtual Academy. In this video tutorial, the instructor walks you through the overview of Computer Networking Fundamentals, OSI model, Wired and Wireless Networks, TCP/IP models and how to build a functional and secure network and much more. This video tutorial is best suitable for anyone who wants to learn Windows Server and want to prepare for Exam 98-366.

It is worth to check below as well:
From every video tutorial, you will learn something new, so I believe that the more you explore, the more you learn. 
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