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Top 10 video tutorial to learn C Programming | Best C programming tutorials

C programming is considered as a basic programming language to get into the world of software programming. Many programming languages such as C++, C#, Java, Perl, Python, PHP, JavaScript etc,. are influenced based on C programming. Most of the syntax is inherited from the C programming. Therefore, once you get familiar with C programming, then it will be easy to learn in other programming languages. Having said that, it is not mandatory to learn C programming but it is recommended to learn C programming. 

Applications of C programming is used to develop software applications such as VLC player, Embedded software such as microcontrollers, Text Editors, Device Drivers, Games, such as original Quake etc,. You can even develop an Operating System, the programming language of your own. That is the power of C programming. Below are Top 10 video tutorial to learn C Programming

C Programming For Beginners

C programming For Beginners is a popular video tutorial on the internet and the instructor explains fundamental concepts of C programming clearly and concisely. In this video tutorials, the instructor covers C programming basics, variables, constants, types, operators, tests and user input, functions, arguments, switch, Strings, Enum, Arrays, Pointers, structures, chars, File handling, Binary files and memory handling and many more. This video tutorial doesn't cover data structures and algorithms. This is a great introductory video course for those students who are new C programming. After going through this video tutorials, to learn advanced concepts such as Data Structures you can refer to the Data Structures video tutorial

This video tutorial covers great content which explains the concepts from the root such as explaining what is computer and how it will communicate with humans using the instructions, what is ASCII standards, how to instructions are given to computers, what is low, high, assembly language and then covers about the how to input and output the data, control structures, data types, functions, recursions, preprocessors, strings, structures, unions, working with Files, Arrays, pointers, Memory management, linked-list and sorting algorithms.

This video tutorial is a well organized and structured to help the students to grasp the concepts clearly. And the instructor explains the basic concepts such as variables, data types, loops, structures, working with file IO, working with keyboard programming meaning keys up and down, date and time functions, Command line arguments, Dynamic memory allocation, and many more. Apart from the basics, the video tutorial walks you the 7 projects to make your hands dirty. The instructor has included the assignments to assess your knowledge after very concept. This video tutorial is completely recommended for the beginners and intermediates. To learn data structure concepts, you can go through the Data Structures and Algorithms Complete Tutorial.

C Essential Training

In the video tutorial, the instructor covers C11 which is C standard revision of the current C programming language. In this video tutorial, you will begin learning with C basics, how to write expressions, syntax, and semantic versions, how to create comments, what are structures and pointers, how to use pointers to manage memory and etc,. you will find the answers to the above questions. This video tutorial is complete for the beginners.

C Programming Tutorials

NewBoston offers a wide range of video tutorial online for free in various programming languages such as C++Javascript, Java, Ajax, PHP, JQuery etc,.It has published more than 50 videos to learn C programming for free. The video collection covers all the concepts required to master in C programming. You can watch those videos either on YouTube or official NewBoston website.
This video tutorial walks you through the C concepts, the instructor covers all the topics in C step by step in an easy way. The instructor begins with explaining what is C programming and history of C programming, how to install the IDE to work with C, you will learn about C basics such as variables, data types, Arrays, strings, structures, dynamic memory allocation, alloc, realloc, free, etc,. Data Structures is not covered here. The video tutorial is available for free on YouTube.

The instructor knows well how to teach and gives plenty of examples so that the student can understand the C concepts easily without any complexity. The instructor is very clear and provides a detailed explanation of the C language along with useful examples. In this video tutorial, he covers all the basic concepts in C programming. To check your knowledge, the instructor also includes assessments to boost your confidence in the C programming.

C Language + Algorithms + Data Structures = Power

This video tutorial is a one-stop point to learn and master in C programming language. In this video tutorial, the instructor covers all the basic and advanced concepts in C programming. Here in this video tutorial, he covers basic concepts such as input-output functions, Variables and data types, Constants, Operators, Conditional, Loops, Arrays, Functions, Pointers, Scopes, Input And Output
Strings. He covers advanced concepts such as Linked lists (Singly & Doubly), Heaps, Trees (Binary Search Tree, AVL Trees etc,.). He also walks you through the sorting algorithms Sorting Algorithms, Geometric Algorithms, Math Algorithms, String Algorithms, Approximation Algorithms, Tree Algorithms, Graph Algorithms, Complexity Theory. The video tutorial is the best tutorial for the absolute beginners and intermediate, you don't need any prior knowledge to go through this video tutorial. 

C Programming Language Fundamentals

In the video tutorial, the instructor covers the fundamental concepts of C programming and this video course is well structured and organized to build your confidence and become productive C programmer. In this video tutorial, data structures is not covered, However,  this video tutorial helps you to prepare to take data structure course without any difficulty. The advanced concepts such as pointers and structures are well explained in this video tutorial. This video tutorial is completely for the beginners and not suitable for those who want to learn Data structures.

Below are list C programming video tutorials that are available on YouTube and these don't cover data structures:

C Language Tutorial Videos | Mr. Srinivas
C Video Tutorial
Introduction to Programming through 'C'
C Language tutorials||C language by Sivaramayya
C Programming Tutorial | Learn C programming | C language

If you are stuck with any question in C programming, you can post in the StackOverflow community. There are millions of serious developers who can help right answers. But before posting in StackOverflow, check if someone has already posted the same question. Happy Learning