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Top 10 Best Hadoop video tutorials | Best Bigdata tutorials

Every day tons of data is generated in just seconds, for example, when you upload images to Facebook, your friends may like, comment, share your images. Under the hood, Facebook stores all this data is stored in the database and fetches to the data whenever required. In a similar way, billions of Facebook users are sharing images, videos and tons of data is stored every day in the database. It becomes difficult to manage and process the large sets of data if they are using conventional SQL CRUD operations on the database as it slows down the process of fetching the data. Hadoop has introduced to resolve many of the issue related to processing and managing large sets of data.

Hadoop is open source, a Java-based project which offers a unique and a new way of processing and storing the large sets of data. Majors companies such as the Facebook, Google have indulged using Hadoop because it is a fast, flexible, scalable, fault-tolerant storage platform.

Before learning Hadoop, you need have knowledge of Java. Below resources help you to learn Java: Top 10 video tutorials to learn Java

To learn Apache Spark, you can check out the below:
Top 10 Best Apache Spark video tutorials

The below video tutorial gives you a complete overview and hands-on experience to get prepared and master in Hadoop framework. Let's see the Top 10 video tutorials to learn Hadoop: 
Top 10 video tutorials to learn Hadoop
Top 10 video tutorials to learn Hadoop

Hadoop Developer In Real World

This video tutorial is suitable for absolute beginners, you should have little knowledge of the Java programming. This is one of the best video tutorials to learn and master in the Hadoop and the instructor has in-depth knowledge of Hadoop. This video tutorial touches everything in Hadoop that required to become Hadoop developer. Trust me, it is worth of money going through this video tutorial, You don't have to look back. This video tutorial is detailed and very precise. I would recommend this course without a miss.

The Ultimate Hands-On Hadoop - Tame your Big Data!

This video tutorial is a complete package of the big data technologies and it focuses on application development. With this video tutorial, you'll not understand the Hadoop, you will also learn how to apply or use the concepts to solve real-world problems. The instructor walks you through the Hadoop Ecosystem, HDFS, MapReduce, Pig, Spark, relation and nonrelational data stores, creating, managing, feeding the clusters etc,. The best thing about this video tutorial is that the instructor demonstrates with real-world examples and hand on an application. This video tutorial is suitable for beginners, software developers, product managers and database admins, system architects etc,.

Big Data, Data Science Training - Combo Course

This video tutorial mainly focused learning Big data and data science which includes the in-depth study of Hadoop ecosystem. The instructor touches the following concepts in this video tutorial, basics of Hadoop, HDFS and MapReduce framework, data analytics using Hive, Pig and YARN, Apache Storm, Apache Solr, Splunk Search, visualizations techniques, Understand Cassandra, MongoDB and HBase etc,. This video tutorial is most suitable for the software developers, Data Scientists, and Hadoop Aspirants and you don't need any prior programming languages skills to learn this video tutorial. I would recommend going through this video tutorial without a miss

Learn Big Data: The Hadoop Ecosystem Masterclass

Learn Big Data: The Hadoop Ecosystem Masterclass presented by Edward Viaene and he walks you of Hadoop. This video tutorial gives you a broad and interesting overview of the Hadoop Ecosystem Landscape. The instructor also covers basic real time examples which are really helpful for the Hadoop aspirants to get familiar with Hadoop ecosystem. In this video tutorial, the instructor begins with Hadoop introduction then covers Yarn, Hive, Apache Pig, Apache Spark, Kafka, Storm, HBase, Phoenix, Hadoop Security, Ranger and advanced topics. This video tutorial is suitable for the Developer, Administrators and Hadoop aspirants who have little knowledge on IT.

Big Data & Hadoop

This video tutorial is a popular video tutorial to learn Big Data and Hadoop. The video tutorial is an introduction to Hadoop technologies such as MapReduce, Hive, Zookeeper, HBase, Advanced MapReduce, Debugging using MRUnit Testing Framework, Pig, Hadoop Data Mining, YARN etc,. This video tutorial is completely who are new to Hadoop. After completing this video tutorial, you could check out Big Data Hadoop Certification Training.

Taming Big Data with MapReduce and Hadoop - Hands On!

This video tutorial is one of the popular Hadoop video tutorials over the internet. You can treat this video tutorial as a continuation of the The Ultimate Hands-On Hadoop - Tame your Big Data! video tutorial. In this video tutorial, the instructor walks you through how to learn and master the art of framing data analysis problems as MapReduce problems through over 10 hands-on examples. This video tutorial is the best hands-on video tutorial on MapReduce and Python. This video tutorial is Hadoop beginners.

The instructor of this video tutorial is Lynn Langit who has good knowledge on Hadoop. Through Learning Hadoop, she walks you through the how-to Hadoop is useful processing big data, introduction to Hadoop, file system and its processing engine and then she covers how to setup Hadoop development environment, run and optimize the jobs, pig, Hive, Mahout, Storm, etc,. This video tutorial is best suitable for absolute beginners.

Big Data: The Big Picture

The BigData the Big picture is suitable for beginners who are new to Hadoop and it covers all the topics required to up and running on big technologies. In this video tutorial, you will learn how to set up Hadoop environment and integrating with an existing database.

Master Big Data and Hadoop Step-By-Step From Scratch

This video tutorial is best suitable for the Hadoop Admins and you need to little knowledge on Unix and Linux. In this video tutorial, the instructor walks through the Big Data technologies such as NameNode, DataNode, JobTracker, TaskTracker, Rack Awareness etc,.

Big Data and Hadoop for Beginners - with Hands-on!

The video tutorial is a complete package for Hadoop beginners and this video tutorial gives a quick introduction the big data technologies. You will learn about Hadoop. Hive, pig, use cases, data pipeline. The instructor demonstrates real-world examples working with huge datasets. You need SQL and database knowledge before going through this video tutorial. You can also go through this video tutorial on Skillshare

The Building Blocks of Hadoop - HDFS, MapReduce, and YARN

This video tutorial is presented by Janani Ravi and she has 7+ years of experience working with Google. She is part of the Google Docs Project and in this video tutorial, she walks you through the building blocks of Hadoop and you will learn about the how to set up a pseudo-distributed Hadoop environment, MapReduce, and Yarn which helps to process and manage billions of records of large datasets. You can also refer to her Hadoop video tutorial called Learn By Example: Hadoop, MapReduce for Big Data problems

Big Data Hadoop and Spark Developer Certification Training

This video tutorial mainly focused on learning the big data processing using Hadoop and Spark, In this video tutorial, you will understand the in-depth knowledge of Hadoop framework which includes HDFS, YARN, and MapReduce etc, and you will also learn how to program and process the data using the Spark applications. The instructor also demonstrates the real-life industry-based projects using CloudLab

If you are still looking for other tutorials, then I would recommend going through the Hadoop Tutorials and Intro to Hadoop and MapReduce

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