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Top 10 video tutorials to learn C++ | Best C++ tutorials

C++ is a popular programming language for developing the systems and applications development. C++ is an extension C programming language. Also, all the popular programming languages such as Java, C#, Python, JavaScript etc, are developed or inspired based on the concepts of C++.  There are many C++ libraries available for free that help to develop the cross-platform applications, to improve the Graphical User Interface(GUI), to develop the games etc,.

C++ Vs Java

C++ is the most powerful language. All the software applications from Operation System programming to rendering a web page in a browser is written in C++. The Sun JVM is written in C and The Oracle JVM, JDK, JRE and Java libraries are completely written in C++.  CPython, was written in C and simply Python is written in C++. Even Google and Microsoft have acknowledged that C++ is the most powerful programming language. Google's MapReduce is written in C++, Android's kernel is written in C++ and so on. NodeJS is written is C++, Google's javascript engine V8 that powers Chrome is written in C++. and so on. Many compilers for C and C++, such as GCC, were mostly written in the same language and assembly. Bootstrap phases allowed these compilers to be compiled. C and C++ actually run the world. Technologies like Java, .NET, Python are just abstractions over a C/C++ based runtime that will make some of your task easier.

The applications of C++ includes the Device drivers, Web Browsers, Embedded Softwares, Games, Database Softwares, Compilers, Operating Systems and etc,. Below real-world applications that are developed using C++:
  • Google Chrome
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Unreal Engine
  • Apple IOS
  • Mozilla Firefox and many more.
C++ programming language is chosen over the other programming languages because of its performance, security. Let's see that Top 10 video tutorials to learn C++

C++ Learning Path: Beginner to Advanced

This video course is one stop point for learning C++ from beginner to advanced level. This course is divided into three sections. As a beginner, you will learn about basic of the C++ programming, here the instructors explains about the different parts of Standard Library such as Streams, Locals, and Flow of Control, Functions and Headers, Strings and Collections, Writing Classes, control flow, operators, functions, templates, Pointers, Inheritance, string manipulation capabilities, lambdas, how to work with exception handling, memory management, Understanding Legacy Code. The instructor also introduces to the C++ 11 features in GCC such as Templates, Classes, Initialization, Range-based for nullptr, enums, literals, static_assert, noexcept. Then you will be moved into the intermediate section, here you will about the smart pointers, Smart Classes, Container Essentials, Strings and Regular Expressions, Iterators, the important concept is design patterns Creational, Behavioral, Structural. After the completion these topics, you will be moved on to advanced level of programming in C++ where you exploring the in-depth concepts of C++ such as concurrency, threads, synchronization which is an important concept in C++.  the instructor walks you through Windows thread pool API and how to improve the performance and covers concepts Single Instruction Multiple Data (SIMD),  Open Multi-Processing (OpenMP), Message Passing Interface (MPI), C++ Accelerated Massive Parallelism (C++ AMP) etc,. If you're serious about the C++ then I would recommend this course without a miss. This course is best suitable for all proficiency levels and serves as refresher training.

C++: From Beginner to Expert

C++: From Beginner to Expert is popular video tutorial to learn to C++. This video tutorial is presented by Arkadiusz Włodarczyk and this video tutorial is completely for beginners. You don't need any prior knowledge to go through this video tutorials.  The instructor explains the concepts very clearly and in easy to understand style. By the end of this video tutorial, you will able to learn and understand to basic fundamental concepts of C++ such as variables, operations, functions, Arrays, Loops and also covers advanced concepts such as Structures and classes, Pointers, references, Object-oriented programming, exceptions, and namespaces. The instructor covers the pointers concepts very deeply. I would recommend going through the advanced concepts without a miss as these concepts are important for developing the applications.

Derek Banas is very popular for his way of teaching style and keeping the concepts clear and concise and straight to the point. There are around 90 mins video which help to learn basics of C++ and it help to some extent. This video tutorial is helpful for the intermediate. I won't recommend this video tutorial to the students who are very new programming because pace in this little fast, the beginners may feel difficult to understand the concepts

Learn Advanced C++ Programming

This video tutorial is presented the John Purcell and he walks you through the advanced concepts. He also gives the introduction to C++11 features. This video tutorial is well organized and the instructor explains the concepts in an understandable way. The instructor has great knowledge of oops concepts. This video tutorial is suitable for the intermediate and you should have basic knowledge of fundamental concepts of C++. If you are a beginner then I would recommend going through C++ Tutorial for Complete Beginners before seeking advanced C++ programming video tutorials.

C++ programming by NewBoston

NewBoston offers C++ programming video tutorials for free of cost. The instructors cover all the required basic concepts to learn and master in C++ Programming. This video tutorial is completely for the beginners. You can either watch the videos on NewBoston official website or on YouTube. NewBoston is a great place where you can find the computer programming video tutorial for free.

C++ Essential Training

This video tutorial is presented by Bill Weinman and through this video tutorial, he covers all the required basic and fundamental concepts to master in C++ such as variables, functions, classes and objects, exception handling and standard template library. This video tutorial is most suitable for the beginners.

Learn C++ Programming by Making Games

If you are serious about learning or becoming a professional developer, I would recommend a going through Learn C++ Programming by Making Games video tutorial, because, in the video tutorial, the instructor walks you through how to develop the games using C++ programming. The instructor clearly explains the C++ concepts. It is worth to seek this video tutorial without a miss.

NOC:Programming in C++

NPTEL(National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning) offers free video tutorials to learn C++ programming. The instructor for this course is one of the best professors from the top colleges. The instructor covers the concepts of C++ programming and this video tutorial also includes a recap of C programming. This video tutorial is well planned and organized into 8 weeks.

Learn By Example: C++ Programming - 75 Solved Problems

This video tutorial helps to understand the C++ with 75 examples. The examples which you often find difficult to understand over the internet has been put in this video tutorial so that beginners can understand the simple examples easily. This video tutorial is suitable for the beginners and also refresher course if you already know C++.

Build an Advanced Keylogger using C++ for Ethical Hacking!

This video tutorial is another popular video tutorial on the internet. This video tutorial is presented by Ermin Kreponic and he walks you through how to develop a Keylogger application using C++ programming. Keylogger application tracks the mouse and keyboard inputs, with the help of this application we can stop the frauds. This video tutorial is suitable for an intermediate and expert level. I recommend going through this video tutorial without a miss.

QT C++ GUI Tutorial For Beginners

QT is a popular GUI framework which is used for developing the cross-platform applications meaning that you can write the code once and you can use it across multiple platforms such as mobile, desktop and embedded systems. By the end of this video tutorials, you will learn how to install QT, working on the real-time application and also you will learn how SQLite can be used with QT. This video tutorial is not for the beginners. You should have basic knowledge of C++ before going through this video tutorial.

The Unreal Engine Developer Course - Learn C++ & Make Games

This video tutorial is a popular video tutorial over the internet. This video tutorial is more about how to create the video games using the Unreal Engine and C++ programming. Unreal Engine is a video game development engine developed using C++ programming language. Here in this video tutorial, you will be to learn C++ programming in a fun and easy way. By the end of this video tutorial, you will able to create your own games. This video tutorial is more suitable for game developer and aspirants who are enthusiastic to learn C++ for developing games.

Apart from this video tutorials, if you are still feeling hungry about learning C++ in-depth, it is worth to check out Introduction to C++ and Qt5 Programming for Raspberry Pi and Face Detection -Master Open CV with Digital Image Processing.

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