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Top 10 video tutorials to learn Android | Best Android tutorials

Android is a Linux based mobile operating system and owned by Google. Android Operating System is used in smartphones, Android TV, Android PC and Android wearable devices. Today over 65-70% of the world are using Android smartphones and it is expected that percentage may increase. The demand for the Android programming has also increased proportionally.

To learn Andriod, it is required to have knowledge of Java programming language as a prerequisite.

If you are looking for best online resources to learn Android then you're in the right place. Let's see that top 10 video tutorials to learn Android: 
Top 10 video tutorials to learn Andriod
Top 10 video tutorials to learn Andriod

The Complete Android N Developer Course

The Complete Android N Developer Course is one of the best video tutorials on the web and the instructor of this video tutorial is Rob Percival and he starts with basic fundamental concepts and moves to the advanced concepts with real-time examples such as creating a clone of Instagram, Uber, Twitter, Whatsapp etc,. With this video tutorial, you'll get a lot more than just best-learning experience,
  • You will get $50 free credit on Amazon Web Services to host your Android Apps on cloud
  • You will get $100 on ecowebhosting 
  • Access to graphical assets which you can use it for your apps 
  • You will get the ebook for free to how to make money while learning the code

Android Learning Path: Learn Android Development

This video course is one stop point for learning Android Development from beginner to advanced level. This course is divided into three sections. As a beginner, you will learn about basic of the Android programming, here the instructor explains about the what is Android and its operating system, how to install the IDE for developing the first program and explains how to apply drawables, dimens, styles, menu, and testing, and what are different ways of developing Android Apps without coding, activities, services, and broadcast receivers, how to test the code using Test Driven Development (TDD) and structure the code, working SharedPereferences API, how to use SQL Basics, essential building building blocks of the Android, Data binding, layout fundamentals, styles and themes. As an intermediate, you will learn about how to monetize your app, In-app purchasing, multitasking operations, how to improve the user interface, how to create widgets and notifications. Then you will move on to the advanced level of Android Programming, here you will learn about the actionbar which is used for improving UI, Custom components, Accessibility Basics, Android Async Programming and Services etc,. If you're serious about the C++ then I would recommend this course without a miss. This course is best suitable for all proficiency levels and serves as refresher training.

This video tutorial is presented by Tim Buchalka who is a popular instructor for Android and Java Programming. The specialty of this video tutorial is that you will be able to develop the apps that are compatible with both latest and older versions of Android Operating System. The best thing about this video tutorials, the instructor covers basic Java concepts required to understand and develop the Android applications. I recommend this course to all beginners, intermediate and expert. Through this video tutorials, you will be able to learn fundamental concepts of Android and how to use it with the database, web services and etc,. 

Android App Development for Beginners: 74Hours+ & 75 Apps

This video tutorial is one of the best video tutorials to learn Android Programming. In this video tutorial, the instructor covers every component of Android Studio and well organized to learn and understand the key concepts of Android development. The best thing about this video tutorial is that instructors stress key points by repeating it so that the beginners/intermediates can remember those points and use it while coding effectively. This video tutorial also covers concepts of Java programming so as to understand the Android concepts. You can skip Java programming videos and jump to Android development videos, in case if you already familiar with Java. I would recommend going through this video tutorials without a miss.

The Complete Android & Java Developer Course - Build 21 Apps

If you're looking for video tutorial where there is a hands-on development that you follow with the instructor, I would recommend to check out this video tutorial. In this Android video tutorial, you will be able to learn to how to work with API, web services, and Advanced Concepts. The instructor demonstrates how to create Whatsapp App, Dairy App, Temperate converted app and Finally, uploading your app to Google Play Store and monetizing by displaying ads. 

Android Development - NewBoston

NewBoston offers a wide range of free video tutorials to learn various computer programming languages, technology, gaming, web design and much more. As the part of free video tutorials, they have also provided 200 free video tutorial to learn Android and master in developing Android Apps. At the end of these video tutorial, you can able to learn the concepts better and apply it in the real world.

The Complete Android Nougat Tutorial - Make 30 Apps

This video tutorial is well organized and structured with step by step which helps students to understand concepts of Android from the scratch. In this video tutorial, the instructor Sriyank Siddarth walks you through the basic concepts as you develop a workable app with best practices. By the end of this video tutorial, you'll be able to develop and deploy the Android app on Google Play Store. You will also learn how to rank higher in the Google play store.

Android App Development Essential Training (2015)

David Gassner is one of the best instructors of Android App Development. In this video tutorial, you will learn how to create the Android apps and also shows how to prepare virtual and physical devices for testing. This course is best choice course if you are looking hands-on experience of real-time projects with physical devices. Check out other video tutorials of David Gassner Building Apps for Android Wear Devices and Android App Development: RESTful Web Services.

This video tutorial is presented by the Mark price. He walks through Android concepts and real-world Android applications such as ChatApp. By the end of the video tutorials, you will able to learn web request and Parsing JSON. Through this video tutorials, you will also get 10 free App Assets which helps you for developing the Android applications. This video is suitable for absolute beginners and aspirants who want to learn Android.

Learn Android Programming From Scratch - Basics

In this video tutorial, the instructor covers all basic concepts in a straight to the point style and you will be understand everything very clearly. By the end of this video tutorials, you will able to develop an Android application of your own. Though the video tutorial was created long ago, concepts are explained very clearly.

The Complete Android Developer Course: Beginner To Advanced!

This video tutorial is completely for the beginners and the instructor covers basic concepts on Android. Before taking this video tutorial, you need to know fundamental concepts of Java and OOPS concepts. I won't recommend this video tutorials for the intermediates and Experts.

If you are still hungry to learn Android check out the below 
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