Sunday, November 27, 2016

Top 10 health tips for corporate employees


In this corporate and Internet world most of you are sitting at same place and slogging for more than 8 or 9 hours a day. And when you reach your home, you will be glued to TV or Smart Phone or your computer. This is the formula to ruin your health. Sitting at a place for more time will increase risk for major problems like obesity, back pain, heart diseases, posture problems, digestion problem, brain damage and leg disorders. In-order to avoid these unwanted diseases you need to do minimum 30 minutes cardio workout at least thrice in a week. Here are top 10 health tips for corporate employees that can be repeated at your work place based on your comfort level.

Avoid using escalators(lift) and start using steps

Avoiding jumping into the lift instead take steps that will burn extra calories and it will increases your heart rate which is good for your heart.

Seated Leg Raise

In between of your work, every 1 hour minutes raise your leg and hold it for 5-10 seconds and repeat same with another leg, do minimum 10 sets of leg raise. In a survey, it was proven that most of the issues related to leg pains are because of sitting for longs such as orthopedic knee issues.

Stretch your body to right and left

Stretch your body to right and left for every 30 minutes, Make a focus point backside of body and turn your body to the right trying to see the focus point for 30 seconds. Repeat the same on the left side trying to see the focus point. It gives relief you spinal cord from straining and prevents back pain.

Eye Exercise

In the corporate world, because of the work pressure to complete the task on time or before deadline, employees watch monitors for longer periods, this will effect the eyes in a every bad way may also lead to dry eyes. To prevent dry eyes, you can see do a simple exercise such as rolling your eyes round in circle from the left to right and right to left and also roll your eyes from top to bottom and left to right. Decrease brightness of your screen, this will help a lot in reduce the impact on your eyes.

Take Mini Breaks at Work

The most important thing is like no matter how much work you should take a for at least 5 minutes in 60 minutes which gives your relief for your eyes or else try to stand and rotate your body side to side and up & down .Sitting for long hours leads to heart attacks.

Take a break and walk By Raj

Stretch your Neck

Watching at the screens for longer hours will not only effect your eyes but also your neck. Turn your head to right, left, top, bottom, roll your head in circle, repeat on the opposite side.

Drink Green Tea

Make a habit of drinking green tea every day. It improves the brain functionality, fat loss and lowers the risks of cancer.

Photo by McKay Savage 

Say No to Smoking

Most of the corporate employees take the break to smoke which is very bad habit and there is a myth that smoking relieves stress. But this is a false myth and it is proven that smoking causes your brain to stop thinking and there effects are even worse effect on men and women.

Don't eat heavy food

In the corporate world, junk food or heavy food because heavy food or junk food takes too long to digest which leads to constipation, piles etc,.Taking food which digests easily would be better.

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