Monday, December 11, 2017

Top 10 Best Kotlin video tutorials | Learn Kotlin step by step

Google has declared Kotlin as the official language for developing Android apps. Kotlin, Java, and C++  are all official languages for developing Android apps. Kotlin has just recently joined Java and C++ as one of the official languages. Additionally, Kotlin has actually been around for Android development since before Google announced official support for it.

Google made this decision because Kotlin is simple, Concise, Safe, Versatile, Interoperable and helps to build the application faster. It also resolves the most common problems of Java such as run-time exceptions and source code verbosity.

If you feel these languages(C++ and Java) are very complicated programming languages then Kotlin programming is the best choice for you because it is easy to learn and develop the applications when compared to Java and C++.

There are many resources to learn Kotlin programming but the below tutorial helps to master programming quickly.
Top 10 Best Kotlin video tutorials
Top 10 Best Kotlin video tutorials  

The Complete Android Kotlin Developer Course is a comprehensive tutorial which gives a complete overview of Android Kotlin. This video course is suggested by the official Android website. In this video course, the instructor begins explaining the concepts such variables, data types, math operations, priorities, functions, arrays, storage files, multi-threading. The instructor also explains how to build real-time Android apps using Kotlin programming, he builds the simple apps first such as Find My Age, Tic Tac toy game, Calculator app, Pockemon game in Android, Zoo App, Restaurant menu, then moves on building the big projects such as Find City Sunrise time App using web services, My Notes App using SQLite, Twitter and Facebook App using firebase, Twitter App using MySql and PHP web service, Build Web Services with Node.js and C# then publishing the app in the play store. I recommend this course for the complete beginners.

Introduction to Kotlin Programming

This tutorial is recommended by the Android development official website. This tutorial is presented by Hadi Hariri who is a VP of Developer Advocacy at JetBrains and he walks through the concepts of Kotlin programming. What is JVM, Kotlin REPL, Structure of a Kotlin Application, Kotlin with IntelliJ IDEA, The basics of Kotlin, functions, classes, inheritance, working with nulls, Lambda expressions, closures, extension functions, interoperability, Kotlin Standard Library and working with collections, how to build tools, etc,. It is worth to watch this tutorial and it is recommended to go through the tutorials.

Kotlin for Java Developers

Kotlin for Java Developers tutorial which is officially recommended by Android development website. In this tutorial, you will learn Kotlin basics, and by developing the solitaire app. It gives a great start with Kotlin programming. This video tutorial is best suitable for the intermediates who already have little of Java.

This video tutorial is presented by Derek Banas and he is very popular on the YouTube for programming video tutorials as the content provided here is rich, professional and easy to learn for the beginners to learn programming. In this video tutorial, the instructor walks you through Kotlin programming. It is worth going through this video tutorials.

Kotlin for Beginners: Learn Programming With Kotlin

Kotlin for Beginners: Learn Programming With Kotlin is a great introductory course that gives you an overview of Kotlin and how to write programs in Kotlin programming language. The instructor explains the concepts clearly and concisely. In this video course, you will get answers to the questions such as what is Kotlin? how to set up the environment(IntelliJ) to get started with Kotlin programming? what are variables, data types? how to work with control structures? object-oriented programming in Koltin. Handling I/O etc,. This is a very basic video course that is best suitable for beginners.

Getting Started with Kotlin

This video tutorial is presented by Pluralsight, here you will learn about Kotlin programming. The instructor starts with explaining about the Kotlin, setting up the environment with eclipse, how to write programs with object-oriented programming and improving the code using functional programming, How to use Java from Kotlin and how to use Kotlin from Java. The best thing about the course, you will also learn the testing part as well in Kotlin.

Kotlin Android Tutorial for beginners

Kotlin Android Tutorial for beginners is YouTube playlist that covers Kotlin concepts for developing the Android applications. This tutorial covers the basic concepts of Kotlin and instructor is clear and explains the basic of Kotlin. Though this tutorial is brand new, it is worth to watch this videos.

Kotlin for Android: Beginner to Advanced

In this tutorial, the instructor walks you through the Kotlin and Android Studio. You will learn about basic programming concepts such as variables, data types, functions, etc, and then you will learn about the oops concepts such as classes, objects, inheritance etc,. The knowledge that you have acquired from this programming language can be applied in any programming language. Also, he instructor demonstrates how to build Android apps such as chat application using the sockets, You don't need any prior experience to get started with Kotlin programming because the instructor explains the Kotlin programming from the scratch. This video tutorial is also suitable for the students who are from the different platforms.

Learning Kotlin for Android Development

This tutorial is presented by Lynda and is more focused on Android development. Here, instructor covers the following the topics, how to set up the environment, how to convert activities from Java to Kotlin, installing libraries, syntax in Kotlin, variables, functions. The best thing about this tutorial, you will also learn how to work with RESTful API from Pixabay, FrameLayout, RelativeLayout, how to build RecyclerView Adapter and how to use display high-resolution images etc,.

Kotlin Android Tutorial

This tutorial helps to understand how to build an Android application based on the camera. In this video tutorial, you will learn how to start the camera application and how to show the image captured as a thumbnail. The instructor covers how to install the Kotlin and use its extensions, how to capture the image and check whether the app supports the image capturing intent etc,. It is worth to check out this tutorial as it involves project-based learning. 

It is also worth to checkout the below tutorial to learn Kotlin Tutorial for Beginners: Basics and Fundamentals for Android

From every video tutorial, you will learn something new, so I believe that the more you explore, the more you learn

Happy Learning :)